South India Tours

Our South India Tours takes you to the rich culture of three states – Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala!


Tamil Nadu is one of the most ancient cities of South India that is surrounded by the myths and legends that make exploring it a fascinating experience. We bring you complete insight into the glorious past of Tamil Nadu including its roots that span to the Dravidian times and of course its imperial past hidden well within its rural outlook. The state is a testament to Hindu culture with the majestic temple complexes of Tanjore and Madurai. The all-accepting history of Tamil Nadu is also home to French culture and architecture in Pondicherry. Further, we take you to Mahabalipuram where you will have the pleasure of seeing some UNESCO sites while also taking some time to unwind by the scenic beach. We also make time for some picturesque rural sightseeing in the Chettinad region, which comes as a welcome break from the noisy cities and towns!


Karnataka is among the states of India that have managed to preserve their yesteryear glory. Having not seen many attacks from the north in the centuries gone by the culture and architecture thrived for hundreds of years. The result is a sea of UNESCO World Heritage sites and some fascinating ruins of palaces and temples that are scattered throughout historic cities like Hampi, Aihole, Badami and Belur. The uniqueness of Karnataka is something that you must experience. The state takes a new “avatar” as you traverse throughout its many geographically unique regions. You’ll see that the language, appearance, terrain and the architecture attains a new shape as you travel through it. Every town promises to be a feast to your eyes!

Kerala – God’s own country

Kerala, the most southwestern state of India, is a fertile coastal strip at the western escarpment of the Ghats. Kerala offers vast forest areas, including a widespread nature reserve with its rich wild animal population, palm-fringed canals in the coastal area called the Backwaters, and the beloved beaches around the capital Trivandrum. The wafting palm trees that Vasco da Gama found welcoming, and which still today sway in the gentle winds beckons to people. In Kerala, myths and history are intertwined. The “black gold” (pepper) and spices were Kerala’s most important trade goods that triggered even trade wars with other nations.

Against the stand of the local ruling powers, Kerala had to cope, at different intervals, with the trade wars with Portuguese, Dutchman, Frenchman and Britishers. These countries stamped their own traditions that have become intertwined with the culture of the local people, and creating today’s culture of Kerala!

The Backwaters

Nowhere in the world will you find a landscape like the Backwaters. The green water is as still as a green carpet, the palm trees reflecting on the placid waters. The rural life in the villages of the Backwaters is not hectic, and flows with the peaceful environment.

You can experience the Backwaters by stay in on one of the luxurious houseboats. By slowing drifting down the Backwaters, you’ll experience the quiet and calmness…while seeing the wildlife and nature that inhabit its waters and banks, and the people who live in the villages along your journey.

The Endless Beaches

Kerala, located on the Arabian Sea, has the longest coast in India. You’ll find the most romantic spot at Kerala. Water bluer than the sky. Coconut palm trees swaying in the wind. Warm water. The freshest seafood. And at night, the most glorious sunsets and sky dappled with brilliant stars.

Once you climb into the surrounding mountains of Kerala, you will be intoxicated with the scent of spices, tea and coffee that grow up on the green foggy mountainside. You will also have a chance to see the wildlife that live in the forests, hidden from the heat of day. Elephants and tigers are there…you just need to be patient, and you’ll see them among the shadows.

Concealed in the tree-covered you’ll also discover thousands of waterfalls and innumerable streams. All these have their source from the green mountains. They flow through the quiet meadows. The cold, crystal clear waterfalls in the Western Ghats offer a breathtaking view as the damp vapor paints thousands of rainbows. The waterfalls cascade into the most glorious valleys filled with lush flora.

Kerala is rich in history and culture too. During history, Vasco da Gama, the Romans, the Phoenicians and the Arabians stopped to barter and buy merchandise that was taken to faraway lands. Its ritual dances-the exotic Theyyam – is known worldwide. Take time to visit the Bekal fort and trek through the mountains of Waynad.

And while in Kerala, enjoy an Ayurveda treatment and messages with pure herbal soothing oils. While an herb bath refreshes your soul and your body, the oil bath rejuvenates you. You will also enjoy a vegetarian diet and learn yoga practices that will revive you. Meditation will bring new power into your soul!


South India Cultural Tour – Best of Tamil Nadu and Kerala


15-days individual travel to / from Chennai, 14 nights in hotels of your choice


Travel Route: Chennai – Kanchipuram – Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) – Pondicherry (Puducherry) – Tanjore (Thanjavur) – Trichy (Tiruchirapalli) – Chettinad Region – Madurai – Munnar – Thekkady (Periyar Tiger Reserve) – Alleppey (Houseboat Cruise through Backwaters) – Kumarakom (Vembanad Lake) – Mararikulam Beach – Kochi – Chennai




Tropical Kerala Tour – God’s Own Country with Madurai detour


15-days individual travel to / from Kochi (Kerala), 14 nights in hotels of your choice


Travel Route: Kochi (Cochin) – Houseboat through Backwaters – Kumarakom – Kovalam Beach – Thekkady (Periyar Tiger Reserve and Spice Plantations) – Madurai (Meenkashi Temple) – Munnar (Tea Plantations) – Mararikulam Beach



Treasures of South India – Highlights of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka


19-days individual travel, 18 nights in hotels of your choice


Travel Route: Chennai – Mahabalipuram – Kanchipuram – Puducherry – Thanjavur – Chettinad – Madurai – Thekkady (Periyar Tiger Reserve) – Alleppey Backwaters – Kochi (Cochin) – Ooty – Bandipur National Park – Mysore (Mysuru) – Shravanabelagola – Belur and Halebidu – Ancient City of Hampi – Badami via Aihole and Pattadakal – Goa



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