Explore intricately designed Ellora Cave Temples, india

Ellora, an ancient village located at about 30 km from the city of Aurangabad in the state of Maharastra is famous all over the world for its spectacular monumental caves. The epitome of Indian rock cut architecture, 30 monastic caves and temples of Ellora were included in the list of the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Plan for Ellora caves tours in Aurangabad to experience a true spirit of asceticism in Ellora Cave Temples, India.

Ellora is a village in the Indian state Maharashtra approximately 16 miles northwest of Aurangabad. Ellora is well known for its cave temples and rock temples, and monasteries and chapels that were carved along a 6-mile-long swath of rocky hillside between the 5th and 10th centuries. Each cave is an excellent representative of the Deccan architecture, gaining them a spot on UNESCO’s list of world culture heritage sites during 1983.

The buildings are numbered from southeast to northwest and divide themselves into a Buddhist group – Caves # 1-12 carved between 400-800 A.D.; a Hindu group – Caves # 13-29 carved between 600-900 A.D.; and a Jain group – Caves # 30-34 carved during 800-1000 A.D.

You must see all of the caves as each one has a different carver, purpose and decorations! Just a recap of what you will see at each cave and a brief history is as follows:

  • Cave 1: A simple Buddhist monastery (Vihara) or also granary.
  • Cave 5: The largest Vihara (monastic halls of residence) of the Buddhist group with altogether 20 cells.
  • Cave 6: A large Vihara (monastic halls of residence) with sculptures of the Vajrayana Pantheons in the lobby.
  • Cave 10: A Chaitya out of the 8th century A.D. with open court and three entrances. The two-story facade is chiseled out of the rock.
  • Cave No. 12, Facade 12: A three-story Vihara with simple but impressing three-story facades. Inside, abundant sculptures are found.
  • Cave 14: The so-called Ravanas cave shows Ravana shaking the holy mountain Kailash.
  • Cave 16: Kailash Monolith. The quadratic Hindu temple with a side length of 142 feet is the most impressive temple in Ellora. Simultaneously it counts as the largest rock temple of India. In contrast to the other monuments in Ellora it features not only a facade but is also free-standing and richly decorated.

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