Monuments at Pattadakal- A World Heritage Site

Visit the Monuments at Pattadakal showcasing some of the rare specimen of temple art forms of ancient India depicting a marvelous blend of north and south Indian architectural. Pattadakal Heritage Tour brings out the sculptural art of the Chalukya dynasty illustrated by elegance and refinement of the Monuments at Pattadakal.

Pattadakal is located 11 miles from Badami in Karnataka, between the Badami and Aihole road, on the bank of the Malhababra River. The distance to Banglore is about 267 miles. Pattadakal represents the glorious art of the Chalukya dynasty. It was the second capital of the Chalukya dynasty and venue of numerous coronation ceremonies. The temples’ art is a harmonious mixture of the architectural forms of Nagara of north India and Dravidian of south India. The ten temples including a Jain sanctuary, are decorated with numerous columns, extravagant scenes out of the Mahabharata and Ramayana, and motifs of everyday life. The temples are surrounded by several small shrines. Virupaksha temple is considered “the” masterpiece of all of the temples. The group of monuments in Pattadakal were nominated in 1987 by UNESCO for its world cultural heritage list.

Historical Sites of Pattadakal Temple ComplexVirupaksha temple in PattadakalThe Virupaksha temple is one of the best-known buildings of Pattadakal. Queen Lokamahadevi erected it in the year 740 AD in order to honor the victory of her husband (Vikramadiya II) over the kings of the south (Pallvas of Kanchi). The temple features the Dravidian architectural style and has numerous sculptures like those of Lingodbhava, Nataraja, Ravanvanugraha and Ugranarasimha. In addition, you will find a black polished Shiva Linga (Shiva Phallus) of stone in the Virupaksha temple. You will also see at the entrance the Nandi Bull, made of white stone. The Nandi Bull was the mount of Shiva and forms a beautiful contrast to the pale red sandstone of the surroundings.

Sangamesvara temple in Pattadakal

The Sangamesvara temple was built during the rule of Vijayaditya (696 to 733 after Christ) and is the oldest temple of Pattadakal. Although it was never completed, it shows the impressive and well-proportioned building of the Dravidian style of architecture. The main shrine features a Shiva Lingam–a corridor for spiritual walkabout. Above the sanctuary there is a multistory tower of grandiose shape

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