What Can You Expect From Vacationindia.com?

3 years ago | tourtravel


Everyone should go on vacation to India at least once during their lifetime. This has been many a traveler’s desire, which is evident in the ever-increasing number of tourists who have visited India over the years. India is one of the most diverse travel destinations in the world. We pride ourselves on the authentic tours we create for our visitors to ensure they leave with a deeper understanding and wider knowledge of this fascinating country. Amongst countless other destinations, our tours offer visitors the exhilarating vibrancy of cities like Varanasi, Madurai and Mumbai where you can familiarize yourself with the very spirit of the country.

Included in our specially designed India Tours, you can look forward to excursions to world famous marvels such as the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra and Amritsar’s Golden Temple. You will get to know the many different facets of India, from rural huts in quaint villages to opulent palaces. No visitor to India can stay a mere passive onlooker, you may choose to go on a camel safari, climb a mountain, dine in palaces or enjoy the local street food, shop to your heart’s content, or get your hands dirty in excavations of long lost civilizations. Your taste buds will be seduced by the many regional gastronomic delights like tandoori chicken and chapatti with curry. On your India Tours with us you will get a rare glimpse into the many different cultures that make up this diverse country and meet the locals for a deeper insight into the everyday come-and-go in small villages. You will be accompanied by a English speaking guide throughout the tour, opening doors otherwise closed to foreigners. Whether you choose to travel through Ladakh and Leh, Kerala or West Bengal, this will be the experience of your life.

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