India – Land of Sacred Cows And Legendary Mountains

3 years ago | tourtravel

No other travel destination will leave such a profound impression on you as India. Many years after your visit, the chai wallahs’ calls will still reverberate in your ears, the deep silence of the vast desert will still enfold you in its embrace. In your mind’s eye the colors of a golden sunrise in Varanasi will be as clear as when you experienced it in person and the memory of mist enfolding the Ganges will fill you with a sense of peace.

Many an Indian tour leaves its visitors gasping for breath as it rushes from one highlight to the next, ticking temples off the list in priests’ tikkas on foreheads. This is not the way we organize your Indian experience. Our custom made India tours take you to Bandhavgarh National Park to discover magnificent Bengal tigers, to Kutch Gujarat to live with nomads, and introduce you to the tribal people of Orissa. We will make sure you get the opportunity to exchange ideas with Pushkar’s holy men and take you to share an authentic home cooked dinner with a local family while they show you pictures of their relative’s Hindu wedding. You will overnight in one of the majestic palaces in Rajasthan or camp under the bright stars of Sarchu in Leh.

We will show you the real India, not the postcard version. With our India tours you will experience the soul of India, a country that is at times bizarre, often mysterious and always addictive.

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