Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

Experience thrilling Wildlife safari in Manas National Park, AssamExperience the thrill of manas wildlife sanctuary of vast deciduous forests famous for the Majestic Tigers, as well as many mammals. A UNESCO World Heritage Center in India, the dense cover of Manas Tiger Reserve in Assam often cuts out the light. Manas Tiger Reserve in Assam is the only Project Tiger in Assam located in the foothills of the Bhutan hills, far from human habitation.

The Manas National Park–a “Project Tiger” reserve–lies between the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains in Assam. It lies approximately 90 miles far from Guwahati, which is the closest airport. The protectorate received its name from the river Manas. The more than 700,000-acre park consists of usually untouched Sal trees forests, river landscapes and grasslands. The park lies between the height of 125 and 400 feet and has an area of 50,000 hectares. The kernel protection zone lies in the district of Kokrajhar and Barpeta. In the north, it adjoins “Royal Manas National Park “in Bhutan.

Originally known as “North Kamrup”, Manas was recognized in 1928 as a wild protectorate. In April 1973, the area became the kernel zone of the Manas tiger reserve and in 1985; it got the status of the “Threatened World Natural Heritages” by UNESCO. During September 1990, Manas got the status of national park. The park was set in 1992 on the red list of the endangered world heritages.

An attack through armed separatists of the Bodo has extensively destroyed the infrastructure of the park and the population of many animals of the park was considerably reduced. It was assumed that the rhinos were extinct from this park. Not until the last years, the security situation consolidated itself so again rhinos can be established. Sixty-one royal tigers and 658 elephants in the zone of the park were observed in 2006. The single tiger reserve in Assam–also famous for the golden langurs and the red Panda–belongs to the most cultivated protectorate in India. The second largest Tiger population of India is domiciled here. Other inhabitants of Manas are elephants, rhinos, swamp deer, Gaur clouded leopard, Asian gold cat, fish cat, and dwarf pig. In Manas more than 450 species of bird can be seen including the double horn bird and the Bengal florican both which are among the 50 rarest birds of the world.