Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka

Explore acclaimed UNESCO world heritage Centre at Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

Unforgettable tours to Bhimbetka rock shelters surrounded by the northern fringe of the Vindhyan ranges. Bhimbetka world heritage site lies 46 km South of Bhopal. The rocky terrain, dense forest and craggy cliffs of Bhimbetka, India presents an invaluable chronicle in the history of man and depict the life of the pre-historic cave-dwellers making the Bhimbetka rock shelters an archaeological treasure.

When you visit the rock caves of Bhimbetka you’ll be stepping into the area where the oldest traces of human life were found. The 9000-year-old caves carved during the Stone Age lie at the southern foot of the Vindhyan Mountains in the central Indian plateau in Madhya Pradesh. The caves’ rock paintings illustrate the everyday life of the former cave dwellers and exhibit traditions still carried on by the inhabitants of 21 villages around the rock shelters. The oldest rock drawings date from the Mesolithic period and include paintings of animals like Elephants, Sambar, Bisons and Deer, plus hunting scenes, hunters, skeletons of bison, communal dancing and drinking. It is a miracle that these paintings are not faded with the passage of time as the “paint” was made out of colored stones, vegetable dyes, and animal fats. The brushes might have consisted of plant fibers.

In 2003 the rock shelters were added by UNESCO to its list of world culture heritage sites