Sun Temple of Konark

Witness architectural marvel of Sun Temple Konarak, OrissaVisit Konark Sun Temple, Orissa, the Temple chariot of the Sun God on the golden sands of the Bay of Bengal. Witness Konark Sun Temple, the symbol of Orissa’s great architectural craftsmanship and the most sought after center of attraction for tourists all over the World. Orissa temple tour package opens up a serene atmosphere of sun temple in Orissa coupled with a quiet but majestic sea-shore.

Konark is a town at the gulf of Bengal in the Indian state Orissa, about 12 miles from Puri. It was nominated in 1984 by UNESCO for its world cultural heritage list. In a lovely bay lies the Sun Temple of Konark, also well known as a “Black Pagoda”. The Sun Temple, built in the middle of the 13th century, is the absolute culmination of the temple architecture of the old Orissa. The total concept of the architecture is astonishing. The original main building is not maintained. In addition, it is not sure whether it was ever completed fully. The part, well-maintained yet today was originally the entrance edifice. It shows the form of a vehicle of the Sun God, equipped with twelve wheels on both sides. The vehicle is pulled by seven pairs of exquisitely decorated horses. Each wheel means 14 days, and each horse represents a day of the week. The intact structure shows ornaments, sculptures and figures. The head entrance is guarded of two stone lions, which are each shown crushing a war elephant. All around in the temple, one finds many small figures of Gods, semi gods, humans and animals. Many of the human figures represent sexual actions. The beauty of this temple lies in the beautiful and natural cut of human and animal figures.

A collection of the sculptures of the temple, which were found during excavations, are exhibited in the sun temple museum, next to the temple compound. In December, each year, a festival of the classic Indian dance in Konark takes place. There are performances of Odissi, the traditional dance of Orissa.