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Well-appointed and comfortable Swiss Tents at Prakriti Farm Stay

Prakriti Farms – Punjab

Prakriti Farm offers multiple accommodation choices
Things to Know About Prakriti Farm
Pictures form our trip to Prakriti Farm


The Punjab region of India contains this country’s most fertile farmland. Prakriti Farm is a wonderful example of a working organic farm that grows a variety of crops sold at local marketplaces. When our group travels here, get ready for an authentic farm experience with even some hands-on action in the fields. Prakriti is nestled among the hills of the Shivalak, which afford many opportunities for invigorating walks amidst the beautiful natural landscape. A wide array of birds and plant varieties are sure to interest you at every step.


Prakriti Farm offers multiple accommodation choices

↳ Comfortable mud cabins with thatched roofs on hilltops
↳ Kinnow (Mandarin) cottages near the abundant orchards
↳ Sunrise view cottages
↳ Comfortable but rustic Swiss tents
↳ More rustic Safari tents (shared restroom facilities)

Modern facilities are available for all accommodation options. We strive to make everything as comfortable as possible for guests


Enjoy agriculture and nature at the Prakriti Farm’s 42 acres of fields and surrounding countryside.

Approximately five hours from New Delhi, the Prakriti Farm in Punjab operates as a nonprofit organization. Its focus on organic farming complements the rustic, old-world feel of the area. Many of the natural practices used here come directly from Col. and Mrs. Kaushal’s desire to help protect and respect nature. They own the farm and are constantly making changes to bring it back to a truly eco-friendly environment.
everyday life on the farm

Get involved with everyday life on the farm at the Prakriti Farm near Chandigarh, Punjab

rooster & hen

Rooster & hen in the farm

For visitors who are used to vast, flat farmland, the hilly terrain of the Prakriti Farm may come as a surprise. The Shivalik mountains surrounding the property have been terraformed to to allow the cultivation and growth of many different vegetables. To coincide with the organic practices, all produce is grown in season, and matches the colorful trees that line the fields. Some of the crops include a variety of leafy greens such as spinach, radishes, yellow mustard, potatoes, wheat, fruit trees like lemon, banana, and orange, and multiple flowers in shades of purple, red, and white. All of this color stands out beautifully against the brown and green heights of the Shivalik mountains.
sugarcane juice

Vegetables are grown organically at Prakriti Farm. In Pics Sugarcane juice extracted in traditional way

small girl eating sugarcane

Small girl eating sugarcane

Organic practices extends to the farm animals that live here too. Chickens scratch through the dirt looking for bugs and weeds to eat, which makes the orange yolks of their eggs rich and precious. You can enjoy breakfast with some of these fresh eggs in an Indian scramble complete with delicious spices, and accompanied by potato bread called aloo paranthas served hot. Yogurt, a popular ingredient and dish in India, is an ingredient in delicious drink called lassi, or is served cold on the side on its own. A meal at the Prakriti Farm includes camaraderie and even an education as the Kaushals sits down with you and tell stories about the farm and the Punjabi countryside.

Tubewells offer water for crops and a great place to cool off in the hot summer sun

natural cave

The forest surrounding the farm holds many secrets like this natural cave. Until 2012, a blind woman spent 8-9 years meditating here.

punjab village

Watching wildlife is a great pastime at the Prakriti Farm. Here, a colorful songbird sits on a tree blossom.

Whether you are more interested in farming techniques, birdwatching, local plant life, or exercise, this visit to the farm gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy what you love. Children especially may enjoy exploring the nearby Sutluj wetlands, which are full of diverse bird species and have many trails and pathways to explore.
mud cottage

A traditional mud cottage with thatch roof at Prakriti

Springtime chrysanthemum’s match the cheery yellow door of the mud and thatch cottage overlooking the forests and hills.

Shivalik hills

The Shivalik hills provide a beautiful view from the comfortable but primitive tent accommodations. No modern luxuries will distract you from the experience.

Safari Tent

Safari Tent interior view.


Things to Know About Prakriti Farm

Journey to the Farm: Visitors come from the Chandigarh Airport, and then take a bus or taxi to Ropar, which also boasts a train station. The farm is just a quick seven kilometer drive from there.

Accommodations: A variety of options welcome you. These include comfortable cottages, Swiss style tents with private restrooms, and Safari tents with shared restrooms.

lovely plants

Everywhere you turn, you will see lovely plants and interesting birds and animals.

Things to Do: Besides exploring and joining in the work at the farm, you may enjoy a trek into the hills to see forest caves, many species of birds, or even enjoy a guided walk at night. Spring is an excellent time to see many flocks at the nearby wetlands. To cool off after a warm day, relax in the cool waters of the tube well.

Environmental Consideration: Kaushal grew up in a village near the farm called Rail Majra, and noticed that the people relied heavily on cutting firewood in the forests. This deforestation led him to plan for the eco-friendly Prakriti Farm using only organic principles.

many insects, birds

Prakriti farm is home to many insects, birds, and other fauna native to the area.

Note: Mobile phone service is strong. This is a working farm, so it is important not to get in the way of the employees. You will do a lot of walking here, and enjoy healthy, natural food. There are pets at the farm, too. People who love natural living, farms and rural culture, delicious food, and care about the environment will love this stop on their Indian tour.
organic vegetables

Piles of organic vegetables at the market.

Travel Responsibly: The money you spend staying on the farm goes directly to the staff salaries, conservation efforts, and feels the economy of the local villages.Although a single day at the Prakrati Farm is much better than none, to see and do everything available in this unique natural location can take several. Relax, rejuvenate, learn, and explore all the possibilities of the Punjabi countryside.


Pictures form our trip to Prakriti Farm


wheat field

a wheat field, Punjab, India

wheat grain

a girl is holding wheat grain in the hands. India is the largest producer of Wheat in the world

cotton fields

cotton fields

cotton bolls

cotton bolls on the plant’s branch

bullock cart

person on a bullock cart in the fields of the farm

1 the flag of India with girl

While visiting the nearby homes we photographed this girl practising the alphabet on her chalk board, the flag of India in her hand

punjab village

The pure life of a Punjab village, a dairy farm, clean fresh air, green grass and mud houses with a big tree, this is what awaits you on your visit to this farm

smiling face

Smiling face of the farmer working in the livestock farm

rural punjab

paddy sowing in the fields of rural punjab

indian farmers

Indian farmers harvesting crops with Agricultural Machinery


vegetable plantation

tractor trolley

Tractor trolley transporting the people in punjab

bird on a tree

Bird on a tree

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