Vacation India Cookies Policy makes use of analytical and functional cookies for the optimal functioning of our website. We also use marketing cookies to enhance your website experience. Included are the cookies mandatory for our website to operate smoothly. The utilization of cookies is done strictly with your consent. Continued browsing of our site implies your agreement to use cookies.

Cookie Settings

On our website we make use of cookies according to Art. 6 (1) lit. f DSGVO. This helps us to understand the nature of your interaction with us. It also assists with the display of selected advertisements according to your personal browsing experience. You are advised to read our Cookie Policy and how we use other similar mechanisms, why we use them, the purpose they serve, and all other information of interest.

What are Cookies

Cookies are tiny text files captured and kept on your device, be it a laptop, computer or phone. This is done via a website which has your browsing history information. Cookies ensure easier and enhanced user friendly navigation, and helps with the proper functioning of the website. This cookie policy applies to

What Cookies Are Used for on our Website

Cookies play a crucial part in the functioning of our website. Their primary purpose is the improvement of your navigating experience. In this way they make navigating easy and comfortable. Information stored in these cookies also assists us in optimizing our website by providing estimates of the number of users and their profiles, so that we can adapt our website according to the specialised interests of our users. On occasion we will ask your prior agreement to implement cookies, tags and other suchlike applications to collect information that might be displayed on either our own website, on third party websites or on other media, all based on our analysis of your browsing history.

What Cookies are NOT Used for on our Website

Our cookies do not ever contain any personal information like email addresses or phone numbers. They are therefore safe.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are crucial for the essential functioning of websites. These kind of cookies are used for:

  • – Passing on information from one webpage to the next one when, for example booking and applications forms are filled out.
  • – Reading the browser settings for the optimal display of our website on your computer screen.

Functional cookies collect strictly unidentifiable information (with no reference at all to you as an individual) and therefor your movements on other websites cannot be tracked. In addition, they are kept only as long as the session lasts, thus they form part of the so-called session cookies. Be aware that your consent for the utilization of functional cookies are not required.

Analytical Cookies

These cookies are used to follow the behavior of visitors to our website. It helps us to assess which parts of the website visitors find most interesting and their movements around the site. The ensuing information is used to compile statistics which offer us insight into the following:

  • – The number of people visiting our website
  • – The amount of time visitors spent on the website
  • – The order in which visitors navigate the different pages
  • – In which way can we optimize our website

Marketing Cookies

Marketing cookies are used to select tailor made ads for our visitors. If you consent to these kind of cookies, ads according to your personal preference from other websites and social media platforms will appear on your screen. It also enables us to track the advertisements you have already experienced to prevent repetition. If you decide not to agree to marketing cookies, general ads from us may still appear on other external websites.

Browser Settings

The majority of browsers accept cookies by default. To avoid cookies on a device altogether you have to adjust your browser settings accordingly. First of all, you have to disable the use of cookies in your browser. Then delete all the cookies already collected in your browser associated with the specific website. This option can be used to avoid the use of cookies any time.

How to Choose Your Cookie Settings