About The Vacation India Privacy Policy

We at Vacation India are serious about our privacy responsibilities and data protection, and consider it of the utmost importance.

Read the account of our privacy policy (‘Privacy Policy’) below to make sure you understand how we endeavor to protect the personal data you provide, as well as the information we collect and receive when you make use of our services. This also includes the manner in which we collect this information, exactly what we do with it and how we go about safeguarding it. Hopefully this will put your mind at ease when you decide to share some personal information with us.

From time to time we will update our Privacy Policy to adhere to new legal requirement or to keep up with our own business operations. Be aware that it is your responsibility to review our Privacy Policy from time to time and stay informed of any changes. Any significant changes will be posted on our website or send to you via email.

Vacation India: Who are We?

The website, www.vacationindia.com (‘Website’) is the property of and is operated by the Vacation India Travel Company (‘Company’).

All the terms ‘Vacation India’, ‘Company’ or ‘we’ or ‘us’ refer to the owners of the above mentioned website. The viewer or user of this website is referred to as ‘you’.

According to the appropriate data protection laws which include EU/UK GDPR, the specific entity of Vacation India with which you go into a contract with will be the main controller of your personal information. Therefore, if you visit our website and purchase a trip, the Vacation India entity operating the tour or website is the controller. Likewise, if you are a travel agent or supplier, the relevant entity of Vacation India to whom you provide the services is the primary controller.

This notice is Vacation India’s sovran external facing privacy directive and is applicable to everyone who have provided personal information to Vacation India. This Privacy Policy applies not only to all our customers, clients, business partners and suppliers, but also to all the information obtained from our official website www.vacationindia.com, as well as all other Vacation India operated platforms and websites, including social media platforms on which we offer our online travel services, and websites belonging to our partners.

What Kind of Information About You Do We Collect?

Making Enquiries or Booking Trips

When you book a tour with us or make enquiries, we collect certain personal data from you. We will typically collect the following information, depending on the kind of interaction you have with us and the products and/or services you make use of:

  • ▪ Your full name and surname, birthdate, gender (i.e. female/male/other), your title, postal and email addresses, phone number, next of kin, details of travel insurance, dietary requirements, details of your passport (including city of birth and nationality), visa application and a scan of your passport and visa page
  • ▪ We may need certain health/medical information, for example any pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities, your vaccination status, food allergies, and if you have medication that needs refrigeration, etc. Some of this may be deemed sensitive or special category information under the relevant data protection laws
  • ▪ All additional data provided by you, which may include personal information you share with us during the process of booking a tour to ensure that the trip meets your expectations.

We process and keep a record of all services and products you enquire about or buy from us, including all information that applies to your booking, such as excursion and flight details which you have not booked through us at Vacation India, if our partner travel agents and/or other third parties have shared it with us.

You may be asked for additional information if you make use of our assistance or support for visa applications for countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal etc. This data may include your occupation, marital status, father’s, spouse’s and children’s personal information, and your education and employment history. If you provide us with the personal information of any other person you have to make sure to get that person’s prior consent about what exactly you share with us, and inform him/her of the details of our Privacy Policy.

In the process of using third party services like Google AdWords, as well as other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc., we may collect your technical identity data such as your IP address, browser type and versions, and any other technology on the device you use to visit our websites. Some of this information is collected automatically. We may also collect data about your or others’ browsing histories when you use our websites. In this regard, our separate policy on “Cookies” will provide you with more information.

It may occur that other sources provide us with some of your personal information. Such sources may be our affiliated or other business partners, tour operators and travel providers, travel agents or other relevant third parties. We may combine such data with information we have received from you personally.

Travel providers, for instance local providers of accommodation, transport, hotels and other similar services (‘Travel Providers’) may share the personal information they have collected about you with Vacation India. This is necessary to secure your travel reservations, answer questions about your booked trip or to solve any disputes or complaints about your reservations.

Financial Information

We link up with payment gateways like Payu or Stripe, and third party services like Wise.com to facilitate and manage payments between you, us, our agents, tour operators and partners when applicable. We need this payment information from service providers to handle and administer your trip or travel reservations. Every one of the payment providers we use are obliged to be compliant with PCI DSS, and will process all the payments on our behalf.

Generally, our clients make payments for tour and travel services using their credit cards on the secure online payment gateway on their usual platform or website. In certain limited instances, a client furnishes us with his/her bank details via email or phone. This occurs for example when Vacation India needs to do a refund. This information will exclusively be used to do a refund.

Please refrain from sending us or any of our partners your credit card details in writing or via email. We will never ask for your credit card details as we do not need it.

We cannot be held responsible for the privacy applications of any third party providers and vendors, including payment providers. It is necessary that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of any third party provider or vendor you deal with to find out how they handle and protect your personal data.

All calls you make to us will be monitored and/or recorded with your consent. We do this for purposes of training, customer services, to aide in addressing issues and for quality control. During such recordings we may ask for the caller’s identity, time and date the call is made, as well as the nature of the issue and its resolution. We want to reassure you that financial information provided during such calls will not be logged or recorded by Vacation India.

Photos and Videos

During your travels with us it is likely that either a video or picture of you will be taken by a fellow traveler, another passenger, your Vacation India tour guide, or one of our employees. Your privacy is important to us, so if you do not want anyone to take pictures of you or include you in a video, please just let the photographer or your tour guide know. Pictures taken by Vacation India employees, tour guides or drivers, or any other staff member will never be used for marketing without your prior consent. We cannot be held accountable for photos or videos taken by other passengers without our knowledge, however much we try to safeguard your privacy.

Marketing and Other Interactions

The following is a list of reasons why Vacation India may use your data for our marketing purposes:

  • ▪ To identify and inform you about specific Vacation India services and products that may interest you
  • ▪ To present you with deals by our partner services and products
  • ▪ To provide you with information on travel guides, deals on trips and other promotions
  • ▪ To manage promotions, surveys and feedback information, etc.
  • ▪ To sign you up with Insiders, Vacation India’s email letter for clients who have booked and travelled with our company at least once. This communication will let you know of any new trips and discounts on offer.

Our direct marketing will adhere to the laws of the particular jurisdiction or country where you are located.

We will take the necessary steps to protect your privacy and ensure you have control over how we administer our marketing with you. Direct marketing will therefore be kept within an acceptable and proportional level, and you will only receive communications from us that are relevant and of interest to you. We base our choice on the services and products you have already bought or shown an interest in to purchase. At any stage if you want to stop receiving marketing communications from us, you can use the opt-out instructions provided. By simply sending us an email with subject line ‘unsubscribe’ you will no longer receive any promotional newsletters.

It is also possible to change the manner in which your browser uses cookies. Cookies are used to send advertisements online. Just follow the instructions in your browser. It is a good idea to regularly review all privacy preferences and notices available on all social media platforms, including the preferences in your account with Vacation India.


From time to time we may ask our clients to take part in interviews, research projects or survey feedbacks. We may, for instance, contact you to ask for a score or comments after a trip or booking experience with us.

During such a communication we may require your name and surname, email address and booking details. We will ask you to rate your experience with us and make some comments. We will link your personal information with any observations you provide about your tour.

We may contact you again to discuss your feedback and comments where you provided us with the relevant details.

Why We Collect Your Information

The reasons why we gather, keep and handle your personal data are manifold, but all for business purposes. More information on each of these will follow. These reasons include:

  • ▪ To inform you of our own and our partners’ travel services and products, to administer your trips and reservations, as well as to manage the customer relationship between you and us
  • ▪ To conduct our business relationship with our business partners, agents and suppliers, if you fall in this category
  • ▪ To enable us to contact you in order to, for example, answer your queries, respond to complaints, communicate something important to you, or ask you to complete a booking you are making with us
  • ▪ To improve our services and products, as well as your experience as client with us
  • ▪ To comply with all our legal responsibilities and assist law enforcement and government agencies or regulators
  • ▪ To carry out promotional and marketing activities such as to identify and inform you of travel related services and products which might interest you, to process feedback and similar communications.

In accordance with the privacy and data protections laws (EU/UK GDPR included) Vacation India must have a legal basis and purpose in order to gather, store, use, share and process any personal information. Subject to your dealings with us, and the kind of information we collect and process, the legal grounds may differ. This falls under the following:

The necessity to perform a contract

When you book a tour or make enquiries with us or our partners, our legal basis for the collection and processing of your data is to enable us to perform a contract with you, including the completion of travel reservations necessitated by your itinerary and to administer your bookings.

Legitimate interest

This means that your personal data is of commercial business interest to us so that we can provide you with a service or product which will not infringe on your personal freedom and rights. We, therefore, will collect a travel customer ‘s email address to be able to communicate with him/her when necessary about the services or products related to his/her enquiries or bookings. We also collect a partner’s contact details to manage the business relationship between us and that partner. When we use your personal information to serve our or a third party’s permissible business interest, we will always keep a healthy balance between your interests and rights, and ours or a third party’s interests and rights. We will always strive to use your personal information proportionally to respect your privacy.

Legal Obligations

We will use your personal data in certain cases to adhere to our legal accountabilities, like when we need to comply with the local laws of the countries you will be visiting.

Vital interest

Certain isolated circumstances regarding you and your health situation may force us to use the legal basis of vital interest to use your personal data, for instance when we have to contact medical or insurance providers when a medical emergency occur.

No one is under any obligation to provide us with his/her personal information, but it might place restrictions on our ability to fulfil your travel reservation. Without giving us access to certain personal data your experience might also be affected and we may be restricted as to the services and products we can provide you. For example, without your name and contact details we will be unable to process your booking.

How Do We Collect Your Personal Information?

There are various ways in which your personal data can come to us. When writing an email or letter, phoning or during a web chat, or communication in person with us, a travel agent, business partners like guides and tour operators, or other third parties such as insurance providers, you may provide some personal data. It may also come to us when you complete a printed or online form or survey, leaving feedback, or subscribe to a newsletter.

Lastly, a family member or friend may provide us with your personal data when making a booking on your behalf.

Sharing Your Personal Information

Booking a Trip or Making Enquiries

To be able to answer your questions, fulfil a request for services or products, or to manage your travel booking, we may need to share your personal data with the following:

  • ▪ A member of the Vacation India staff, as well as our internal contractors like the local tour guides
  • ▪ Our associated overseas travel partners and handling agents
  • ▪ Our network associates including tour operators and travel agencies
  • ▪ Travel providers such as tour companies and airlines
  • ▪ Third party operators like couriers, local operators, payment processors and mailing services
  • ▪ Other service providers and suppliers, for example transfer drivers, hotels, etc.
  • ▪ Certain government authorities such as at border crossings, Covid health declaration documents or visa requirements
  • ▪ In the event of an emergency or when we have to act on your behalf for your own interest, we may need the relevant information, some of which might be sensitive, about insurance providers, their agents and medical personnel.

To clarify: if your tour itinerary involves flights or if you book a flight through us, we will have to provide the relevant information to the airline dealing with your flights. If our associated partner manages your tour or part of your trip, we will provide that company with the necessary personal data to enable them to confirm your trip and provide the necessary services. To improve our services and your travel experience and to follow up complaints or settle disputes, we will also share the relevant personal data with travel providers and local third party operators.

Support Services

Your personal data may be shared with third parties which help Vacation India operate, integrate, provide, improve, customize, market and support our services and products. These third parties include:

  • ▪ IT service providers – We need these service providers for our website and applications development, maintenance, hosting, virtual infrastructure, payment processing, analysis, storage and backups, support and troubleshooting to maintain quality, and other services where they may need to use or access your personal data
  • ▪ Marketing agents – We engage with an international network of partners to assist us with promoting and marketing our products, for instance to provide sales and consulting services. They send marketing material on our behalf, resell our services and generate leads
  • ▪ Researchers – We make use of third parties who assist us with analytics and research, including doing interviews, conduct surveys, and other types of data gathering. To do their research, these partners may need access to the relevant personal data of our clients.

Selling data

Under no circumstances will we ever sell your personal information.

What Are Your Rights

We want to reassure our clients that they have total control over the personal information they share with us. Depending on the relevant data protections laws, including cases that are in accordance with our legal basis for processing this information, and subject to certain specific exemptions, you have certain rights as far as your personal information is concerned. These rights include the following:

  • ▪ You may inform us to correct or update inaccuracies, out-of-date or incomplete information in our possession
  • ▪ It is within your right to request a copy of the information we have of you, or to transfer this data to another service provider
  • ▪ You may at any time ask us to stop using or processing your personal information
  • ▪ You may request us to delete all/any data we hold of you
  • ▪ You may withdraw or cancel your consent which you have provided us with.

We will always try to comply with such requests, but circumstances may occur where we are unable to fulfil your command or where there may be consequences if we adhere to your request. Such circumstances where there are consequences will always be communicated to you before we proceed. We will also give you the reasons for refusals in writing.

In accordance with certain data protection laws such as the EU/UK GDPR and subjected to certain exceptions you may:

  • ▪ Withdraw you consent for us to use your data for purposes of marketing
  • ▪ Oppose our processing of your personal information in cases where we use it for our legal interest
  • ▪ Ask us to transfer without hindrance your personal information to a third party or yourself in a format commonly used.

We may need to verify your identity by asking you additional information and for purposes of security before we disclose the personal data you requested.

The activities described above will only be performed if they do not compromise security, privacy nor any similar legal interests.

You may at any time lodge a complaint about the manner we have dealt with your personal data or interfered with your right to privacy.

To exercise any of the above mentioned rights, you can contact us at any time (see the section Contact Us) or get into contact with your relevant data or privacy protection body.


Most of your information are stored and retained in data bases and computer systems operated by ourselves or by our external service providers. Some of your personal data may be kept in paper documents that we file and store in a secure place.

Your information will only be kept for the time period necessary to attain the goals we have collected it for. We might, however, retain your personal data for a longer period of time in some situations, such as when it is mandatory for legal, tax, regulatory or accounting purposes.

Another reason why we may store your information or longer is to keep an accurate history of your engagement with us in order to navigate challenges or complaints, or if we have good reason to believe that there is a possibility of litigation in connection with your personal data or dealings.

How We Keep Your Information Secure

We at Vacation India will do everything in our power to keep your personal information secure. We utilize various managerial, electronic and physical security procedures in this endeavor to reduce the likelihood of misuse or loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, interference and modification.

We also have implemented adequate procedures in the unlikely case of any suspected or actual personal data breach, and will immediately report a security breach of your data to you, as well as to any relevant regulator where we are legally obliged to do so.

Although we mobilize all necessary steps to keep your data secure, you should be aware that the internet is intrinsically insecure. You should therefore take precautions when you disclose any personal data to us online.

Third Party Links

Links to Third Party Sites

Links to other third party websites may appear on our website. If you click on those links, you may make it possible for these third parties to access, collect and share data about you. We are not in control of any third party websites and cannot be held responsible for their privacy policies. We would advise you to read the privacy policies of the third party websites you have visited.

Third Party Widgets

Widgets and other social media features such as the ‘like’ button on Facebook may be part of some of our services. Widgets and such features gather you IP address, the pages you visit in the Services and might set a cookie for the feature to work properly. Social media features and widgets are either hosted on our Services or a third party. All your interactions with these kind of features are subjected to the privacy policy of the provider company.

Cookies & Website Usage

Our websites make use of the standard technology called ‘cookies’, as well as web server log. You can learn more about the cookies we use in the section Cookies Policy.

The last update of this Privacy Policy was done in May 2022.

pushkar camel fair tour rajasthan

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Treasures of Central India (15 days)

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India Getaway – Delhi to Mumbai

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New Delhi ➜ Amritsar (Golden Temple) ➜ New Delhi➜ Agra ➜ Fatehpur Sikri ➜ Jaipur ➜ Sardargarh Fort Heritage Palace Hotel ➜ Udaipur ➜ Mumbai ➜ Elephanta Caves ➜ Mumbai

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Golden India Triangle Tour with Haridwar and Rishikesh ➜ Culture + Spirituality + Yoga

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New Delhi ➜ Haridwar ➜ Rishikesh (Yoga Capital of India) ➜ Agra ➜ Fatehpur Sikri ➜ Jaipur

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Golden Triangle + Varanasi (Ganges) + Nepal

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New Delhi ➜ Agra ➜ Abhaneri Stepwell ➜ Ghost City Fatehpur Sikri ➜ Jaipur ➜ Varanasi (Ganges & Sarnath) ➜ Kathmandu ➜ Pokhara ➜ Kathmandu (Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath & Boudhanath)

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Golden Triangle Tour (8 days)

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Cultural Heritage Tour of North India

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New Delhi ➜ Jaipur ➜ Ranthambore National Park ➜ Abhaneri Stepwell ➜ Ghost City Fatehpur Sikri ➜ Agra (Taj Mahal & Red Fort) ➜ Khajuraho ➜ Orchha ➜ Varanasi (Ganges & Sarnath) ➜ Lumbini (Nepal) ➜ Chitwan National Park ➜ Pokhara ➜ Kathmandu

19 Days 18 Nights

Kashmir Leh Ladakh India Tour (13 Days)

Type: Adventure Budget to Luxury Private Tour You Visit:

New Delhi (Start), Srinagar (Kashmir), Dachigam National Park, Sonmarg, Lamayuru, Alchi, Likir, Thiksey Monastery, Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa, Phyang Monastery, Nimmu Village, Shang Valley, Hemis Monastery, Khardung La Pass, Nubra Valley, Lake Pangong, Tso Moriri, New Delhi (End)

12 Days 13 Nights

On the Footsteps of Himalaya (Leh, Ladakh, Kashmir and Zanskar)

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New Delhi (Start) ➜ Srinagar (Kashmir) ➜ Gulmarg ➜ Panikhar via Sonamarg ➜ Kargil ➜ Padum via Rangdum ➜ Kargil ➜ Lamayuru ➜ Wanla ➜ Photoksar ➜ Lingshed ➜ Alchi ➜ Likir ➜ Leh ➜ Hemis ➜ Thiksey ➜ Lake Pangong ➜ New Delhi (End)

15 Days 14 Nights


Type: Budget to Luxury Private Tour You Visit:

New Delhi (Start), Leh-Ladakh, Alchi & Likir Monastery, Nubra Valley, Khardung La Pass, Tso Moriri, Tso Kar, Leh, New Delhi (End).

12 Days 11 Nights
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Explorer (Jaffna and Trincomalee)

Type: Budget to Luxury Private Tour Wildlife & Cultural You Visit:

Negombo Beach ➜ Wilpattu National Park ➜ Anuradhapura (optional Bicycle Tour) ➜ Mihintale Spice Gardens ➜ Jaffna (including Nainativu Island) ➜ Trincomalee Beach (Nilaveli) ➜ Optional Pigeon Island Marine-Nationalpark & Whale watching in Trincomalee ➜ Dambulla Caves ➜ Minneriya National Park ➜ Optional Hiriwadunna Village Tour with Lunch ➜ Kandy (Tooth Temple) ➜ Sigiriya Rock Fortress ➜ Nuwara Eliya (Train Ride) ➜ Colombo

13 Days 12 Nights