Golden Chariot Luxury Train offers two distinctive routes to choose from

Important Facts

Duration: 6 Nights/7 Days
Pace: Relaxed
Destinations: Bengaluru ➜ Bandipur National park ➜ Mysore (Srirangapatna) ➜ Halebidu ➜ Chikmagalur ➜ Hampi ➜ Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal ➜ Goa ➜ Bengaluru
Months of Operation: Golden Chariot Train Tour is operational from October to April
Departure Dates for Season 2022 – 23: 6 Oct.22, 6 &27 Nov.22, 18 Dec.22, 8&29 Jan.23, 19 Feb.23, 12 Mar.23, 2 April.2023

Jewels of South

Pride of Karnataka


Highlights of Golden Chariot Luxury Train Tour / Route – Pride of Karnataka

  • The Pride of Karnataka itinerary of the luxury Golden Chariot takes you on a delightful journey across the state of Karnataka and to Goa. Starting off from Bangalore on a Sunday and returning the following Sunday, this 7-day sojourn is pure hassle-free enjoyment. You will experience the heart and soul of Karnataka and create memories to last a lifetime
  • The train stops at Bandipur National Park after starting in Bangalore (Bengaluru). The Park is well-known for its Gaurs (Indian bison), wild Elephants and over 300 species of birds. Connect to India’s wildlife and landscape
  • Mysore, the city of palaces and temples, is our first main stop. Here you will see out-of-this-world domes and towers on the holy temples lining the streets. The favorite of them all is Mysore Palace, home to some of India’s most spectacular art. Another place of interest is Srirangapatna, the island fort that was the home of the mighty warrior Tipu Sultan
  • Visit Hampi, a World Heritage Site and capital of the Vijayanagara empire of the 14th-century, with its amazing ruins covering 10 square miles, reflecting on a once flourishing but now derelict city along the Tungabhadra river banks
  • Behold the royal majesty at Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal, a wrecked ceremonial center for the kings of Chalukyan, with exquisitely carved temples on the river of Malaprabha
  • Goa is the last stop with typical churches and fantastic beaches that offer a relaxing retreat after an exciting six-day adventure across Karnataka. Finally return to Bangalore.

Facilities to enjoy on your Golden Chariot India train tour

  • Relax in the fully air-conditioned Golden Chariot train with 11 residential coaches. There are four cabins in each coach.
  • There are 44 guest cabins each containing a small plasma television with satellite channels, twin or double beds, built-in writing desk, night stand and a small wardrobe.
  • A large attached bath with a shower and hot running water, also toiletries and fluffy towels.
  • Cabin accommodation is normally for two but there are also foldable bunk beds.
  • Sliding door of your childhood train journeys and a very big clear glass window with thick drapes right above your bed.
  • On board the Golden Chariot luxury train you will have excellent on-board amenities catering also for those who want to keep fit while on holiday as well as at home. The Golden Chariot is equipped with a complete gym and an Ayurveda Spa with two massage rooms to refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind.
  • Inside the regular coaches you will find amenities that are just as luxurious and the interior is rich in architectural heritage. Madira the bar is quite similar to the private audience hall in the Mysore Palace; the cabins and two restaurants, Nalapaka and Ruchi, are perfect examples of the more complex architecture of Vijayanagara and Hoysala. The walls are somewhat conservative in tone and are quite a contrast to the furnishings with their splendid colors of red and gold in Madira, the bar and the restaurant flaunt deep violet and floral prints.

Simply put the Golden Chariot Train is a mobile palace-hotel.

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The luxury train journey begins in Bangalore, often referred to as the Pride of the South and Karnataka’s capital city. Not only is it the 3rd largest city in the country, bustling with activity, it also has pleasant weather the whole year round, perfect for visitors to explore the many Victorian architectural buildings.

▪ Welcoming at 8:45 a.m. at the Yesvantpur Station
▪ Registration and a short briefing session on board
▪ Enjoy a delicious lunch while watching the passing landscape
▪ Stop at Nanjangud at around 2 p.m.
▪ 50 km round trip to Bandipur
▪ Go on a jungle safari in Bandipur National Park between 4.30 and 6.30 p.m. to view the wildlife
▪ A tasty dinner is served back on the train
▪ Continue on to Mysore where you will overnight

Today you will start with a hearty breakfast on the Golden Chariot, after which you will travel to Mysore for an excursion. The name Mysore and royalty have always been associated; whether it was the Sultans or the Wodeyars.  When you visit the city you will see the evidence of the distinguished Wodeyar Kings.

We will visit the regal Mysore Palace, designed by British architect Henry Irwin who worked together with several hundred local artisans to finish it in 1912, after the previous palace was destroyed by fire in 1897. Mysore beauty rivals that of any other royal palace in the world; its splendor, extravagant architecture and art it is a wonderful sight. Admire the teak doors and staircases, rosewood, sandalwood and ceilings made of Scottish stained glass; hundreds of square meters of Telford floor tiles; glass chandeliers from Belgium; wrought iron railings from Glasgow; Italian marble for the large staircases; candelabra and exquisite mirrors from France. It is indeed a magnificent palace.

After the sightseeing tour of Mysore Palace, return to the train and enjoy lunch aboard.

Our next excursion will be to the island fort of Tipu Sultan the mighty warrior, called Srirangapatnam (55 Km). Everywhere you go on this island it is about Tipu; where he lived, fought, kept prisoners, prayed, died and is buried. His body is entombed at Gumbaz with Hyder Ali. Gumbaz is a tranquil mausoleum built by a son for his father. The interior walls display the creativity of its designer, painted with stripes like flames in tribute to the tiger of Mysore. There is a mosque inside with twin towers and dungeons used as a prison for the British. Tipu’s summer palace, Daria Daulat Bagh is positioned in the center of expansive lawns with twisted trees. The museum which is dark with a cool atmosphere is covered by thattis (reed curtains) and highlights charming paintings, furniture and his military code written by hand.

▪ Breakfast on board
▪ Visit the illustrious Amba Vilas Mysore Palace
▪ Return to train for the mouthwatering lunch
▪ In the evening you can visit Srirangapatnam (optional)
▪ Dinner will be served on board.

Indulge in a delicious breakfast on board while traveling on to Halebidu from Mysore. Then, we head to Halebidu to see the magnificent 10th century Hoysala architecture. Hoysalas were great fighters and also had a great love for architecture. You will really appreciate the beauty of this place as you walk around the temple courtyards of this World Heritage Site with its splendid sculptures, decorative pillars, and murals.

The Hoysaleswara Temple of Halebid is wonderfully placed in a green open field next to a small lake, under cool and shaded palm trees and well-trimmed flora. Described as the “supreme climax of Indian architecture” the impressive temples of Halebid showcase the beauty of Indian architecture. Within the halls are massive stone statues of Lord Shiva carved out of a single rock and Nandi the Bull. Plastered on the walls are hundreds of stone sculptures in various sizes, particularly the ones on the beams above the doorways. Outstanding skills by the artisans! How were they able to carve these mammoth statues on the ground and then connect them to the ceiling through hinges of stone?

Return to the Golden Chariot for a delicious lunch.

The Golden Chariot continues to Chikmagalur and after a mouth-watering lunch on board, an interesting tour of a coffee plantation is planned. Afterwards, return to the train.

▪ Breakfast on board
▪ Arrive at the Banavar Railway Station
▪ The tour of Halebidu starts at 8:30 a.m. from the Banavar Station
▪ After the Halebidu sightseeing trip, at around 11.30 a.m. re-▪ board the train to proceed on to Chikmagalur
▪ Enjoy a flavorful lunch served on board
▪ Stop at 3 p.m. for a tour of a coffee plantation, coffee tasting experience and dinner
▪ Board the train and Depart to Hospet (Hampi)

We reach Hospet early in the morning for Hampi. This UNESCO World Heritage site, the treasure of Karnataka’s tradition, was a busy 14th-century international city known for its beauty and riches. Quite the contrast to its prosperous times, today it is a derelict city much like an uncovered museum or a Machu Picchu or Indian Pompeii. Nevertheless, a visit to the former capital of the mighty Vijayanagara Empire will cause you to marvel at the splendor of its rocks and remnants. How did the massive boulders surrounding and forming part of the city get there, appearing to be deliberately placed into position those centuries ago? The flourishing fields and plantations on the outskirts of the site all add to its mystery.

Return to the train by lunchtime. Enjoy a delicious meal!

At 15:00 hours we leave the train and head for the rest of the Hampi attractions.

In the late afternoon, you can explore Hampi even more. This World Heritage site with the remnants of its temples and Hindu monuments is extremely extensive. Admire the Stone Chariot at Vitthala Temple complex, which is carved out of a single rock. It is a magical place to see the sun set with the Vitthala temple and the boulders in the background. Hampi creates an incredible scene with its Hindu temples and spectacular bazaar.

▪ Arrive at Hospet
▪ Breakfast on board
▪ Leave for a tour of Hampi World Heritage Site – Part 1
▪ Get back on board The Golden Chariot followed by lunch
▪ Visit the Vijayanagar ancient Vittala temple complex and the marvel stone chariot – Hampi Part 2
▪ Sit by the banks of the Tungabhadra River for a sunset view
▪ Leave to Hospet railway station
▪ Have dinner on board The Golden Chariot
▪ Depart from Hospet to Badami

Early morning your Golden Chariot Luxury train arrives in Badami. There will be breakfast on board the train and you will reach the town of Badami, get off the train, and head for the Badami Caves.

Badami is our second last destination, attractively located at the opening of a gully between two red sandstone cliffs. Fitting snugly between those cliffs and joined by a flight of stairs are the sculpted temple caves. There is much that could be said about these temple caves, however, one of the major takeaways is the brilliant skill and craftsmanship of the artisans who built them inch by inch, chip by chip in the 6th century. They worked steadily on the red sandstone, creating shades of rust somewhat like Jupiter. Perhaps this will be the highlight of your tour. When you contemplate the Badami Caves you can easily see an example of how man fights and struggles to gain victory over his environment. You will not believe your eyes when you see how the pillars of these caves supported these huge rocks above. The sculptures are like none you’ve ever seen and they tell the stories of the mighty Indian Classics Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Shiva temple is cave one, while cave two is lined by heavenly protectors and pot-bellied dwarfs. Cave three, which some consider to be the most resplendent of all is the impressive image of Vishnu sitting on a curled snake.

Return to your train for Lunch onboard.

Afterwards we continue our trip to Pattadakal temple complex located on the Malaprabha River banks. It’s another UNESCO World Heritage Site with pinkish colored sandstone temples dated back to the 7th century that depict a fusion of North and South Indian temple designs and reflect its significance to both traditions.

Next on the itinerary is a visit to Aihole in Karnataka, the ancient site of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist monuments dating back to medieval times between the 6th and 12th centuries. This important archaeological site is surrounded by sandstone hills and green farmlands and lies interwoven with a tiny village with the same name. The ancient cave and stone temples number more than 120 in number and are found all along the Malaprabha River valley.

Return to the Golden Chariot by the evening and enjoy your dinner.

Spend the rest of the time perhaps walking about the train and looking at its luxurious amenities. You will eat dinner on The Golden Chariot before moving towards Goa. It’s the final stop before the return trip overnight to Bangalore. You can hear the train wheels screech, the noise from the tracks and the engine whistling up ahead. Feel proud, pampered and privileged as you ride in this golden train inspired by architects and kings from the past.

▪ Get your breakfast on board
▪ Arrive at Badami
▪ Leave for sightseeing of and Badami Cave Temples
▪ Return to the Golden Chariot and have lunch
▪ At 1430 hours proceed by coach to visit the ancient sites of Pattadakal and Aihole
▪ Back to your luxury train for inner onboard / Rest of the time gives the opportunity to enjoy the facilities of your luxury train – you can opt for – Spa Treatment or choose to watch a Hindi Movie, etc.
▪ Dinner on board The Golden Chariot. Reach Goa past midnight

Leave the train by 10:00 hours and begin the trail of Goa!

Goa is a peaceful place with calm seas, clear blue skies, beautiful sunsets and long stretches of sand, lined with palm trees. It is constantly growing in popularity as a holiday destination. Located by the Arabian Sea, about 250 miles to the south of Bombay, Goa showcases much more than a peaceful coast line and sunny weather. It was a Portuguese colony and has an extraordinary mixture of European culture and an Indian atmosphere that creates a distinct feeling that is distinctly Mediterranean. The Portuguese arrived here in the 16th century under Alfonso de Albuquerque, seizing the original Arab trade settlement and constructing a city that was adorned with monasteries, gardens, churches and fountains. We will visit Goa’s favorite churches on this tour; Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Cajetan a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Continue to Sola Souto Maior an Old Portuguese house of exceptional beauty. Enjoy a snack of tea and cookies while you admire this beautiful house.

Return to Golden Chariot for a feast on a delightful Goan lunch.

Leave the train to take part in a Bollywood evening with dinner served at a hotel or resort. Spend the afternoon at the hotel lazing around the pool or simply take a stroll on the beach. The warm, calm beaches of Goa lined with swaying palm trees and azure-colored waters offer travelers the perfect place to relax after a week of adventure and exploration

Get back on the train at around 9.45 p.m. for the onward journey to Bangalore.

▪ Take breakfast on board The Golden Chariot
▪ Leave for a sightseeing tour of Goa
▪ Visit Old Goa’s famous churches
▪ Visit the Old Portuguese house now main center for shopping and refreshments
▪ Lunch onboard in train
▪ Attend a Bollywood evening at a resort or hotel
▪ Enjoy a traditional dinner afterwards at the hotel or resort
▪ Return to the luxury Golden Chariot train by 9.45 p.m. to proceed to Bangalore

We have come to the end of our Golden Chariot tour. You will have an enjoyable breakfast on board the train and after you arrive at Yeshwanthpur railway station you say goodbye to the wonderful staff of the amazing Golden Chariot!

▪ Breakfast on the Golden Chariot
▪ Arrive at Yeshwanthpur Railway Station. Say goodbye to the entire crew

In the past week you have actually been on an 1800-year journey all the way back to the 4th century caves in Badami, to the ruins of the 15th-century, the Mysore Palace of the 20th-century right up to this day.

Your Golden Chariot travel is now over and our services at Vacation India restart here – when you arrive in Bangalore our Vacation India representative and your chauffeur will greet you. If you still feel like doing some last-minute shopping or sightseeing this is a good time to do so.

You will have your chauffeur and vehicle with you until check in time at the airport which is usually late in the evening. We can arrange a room for you to rest if your flight leaves early in the morning.

Or choose any of our Extension Trips to enhance your India Experience!

India your way, your route, your style

• Price based on two persons in a double room
• Prices are in USD Excluding international flights
• Do you prefer to travel alone or would you like to come to India with a group of friends? We will be happy to tailor-made your tour program that meets all your wishes and needs

Travel Period PRICE PER PERSON  
Apr 1, 2022– Mar 31, 2023 from $5250 (Luxury) INQUIRE NOW

Would you like to have the trip tailored to your wishes?

Our itineraries are only examples and suggestions and can be customized individually. For example, a trip can be shortened or extended with additional destinations or monuments, the hotels can be a mix of 4 and 5 star etc. Let us know your personal wishes so that we can adapt the trip to your wishes. Connect with our travel expert for a 1:1 consultation and receive your obligation free travel proposal. Together with the travel request we will send you the hotel list so that you can get a picture of the hotels selected on the internet. We promise ✔Competent and Friendly Guides ✔Expert Drivers ✔Best Hotels ✔24/7 Support. Read more on Why Vacation India?

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Included in the price

  • Stay & overnight travel in private cabins with attached bathrooms on the train
  • Pre-paid group excursion & sightseeing trips in air-conditioned coach with services of English-Speaking Guide in each tourist town visite
  • Bed Tea & Daily 3 meals (wide variety of both vegetarian & non vegetarian cuisine) with bottled drinking water
  • Included are soft drinks, Indian house wines, spirits and beer
  • Entrance at Monuments & Wild Life National Parks
  • Jungle Safari in Bandipur National Park

Not included in the price

  • International or Domestic Flight
  • Any other services not mentioned in the inclusions
  • Visa & Insurance
  • Private guided tour of Bangalore
  • Expense of personal nature like tipping, laundry, telephone/fax calls, alcoholic beverages, camera/video camera fee at monuments, medical expenses, etc.
  • Video Camera fees at monuments & National parks
  • Hotel stay in Bangalore

Golden Chariot – Pride of Karnataka – Terms & Conditions

▪ GST @ 5% will be charged extra as applicable
▪ Booking will be confirmed on receipt of MINIMUM 20% of Train Tour Printed Tariff
▪ Full Balance tour amount must reach us at least 60 days before tour depart with passport details of all the passengers
▪ To issue e-travel documents we require full tour amount with photocopy of passports
▪ Cabins are allotted at time of check-in, at the Railway station with boarding cards
▪ We expressly reserve the rights for any changes in tour program, errors and omissions

Golden Chariot – Pride of Karnataka – Cancellation Policy

▪ 20% of ticket value 60 days or more prior to departure.
▪ 40% of ticket value between 59 to 45 days prior to departure
▪ 100% of ticket value 0-44 days prior to departure

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