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Traveling in Sri Lanka is pure magic. You can expect tranquil sandy beaches shaded with palm trees, cultural treasures galore, and surprise encounters with herds of elephants with babies in tow. Almost touching its northern neighbor India, this Indian Ocean Island country is shaped like a teardrop. However, there is nothing sad about this gem of a vacation destination.

Your Sri Lanka tour will include a climb up stone steps to the impressive Sigiriya Rock Fortress, which seems to rear up from the rainforest below; you will watch elephants feeding on palm fronds and plucking sweet green leaves from the trees in their natural habitat; and if you are lucky, even take an award-winning picture of a well-camouflaged leopard relaxing on a tree branch. Previously called Ceylon, Sri Lanka’s history goes back centuries, and the evidence is everywhere – in the many ancient Buddha shrines, numerous splendid Hindu temples and well-preserved Colonial buildings.

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