Experience the best of India's colorful state Rajasthan

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Duration: 10  Days
Pace: Relaxed
Destinations: New Delhi ➜ Samode Village ➜ Jaipur ➜ Mandawa ➜ Khimsar ➜ Jodhpur ➜ Ranakpur ➜ Udaipur ➜ Bundi ➜ Ranthambhore National Park ➜ New Delhi
  • There are several memorials to its fighting heritage in Rajasthan, the “Land of Princes.” Magnificent fortifications are scattered throughout the entire state, while the remote areas are a medley of villages and cities that showcase traditional India’s ageless culture. While the palaces in Udaipur and Khimsar give a lighter side to North India’s rich history, the formidable forts of Jodhpur, Chittorgarh, and Jaipur bore evidence to the conflicts that previously fought here. In addition to visiting these heritage places, we as well remain in the enchanting town of Bundi and explore its colored backstreets, castles, and hill slopes lake. Additionally, our stays in Mandawa and Khimsar Fort Heritage Hotel will transport us to the era of the Maharajas and one of the region’s antiquity villas.
  • Unlike taking a train trip, a trip across India will not be proper. It’s a classic Indian encounter with cushioned cabins for warmth and merchants offering tea and samosas. Your trip will culminate in New Delhi after a six-hour train ride in an air-conditioned carriage from Bundi.
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One of our local representatives will meet you at the airport and the driver will take you to Jaipur.

We take a quick diversion and arrive in Samode Village on the route to Jaipur. This village has been a well example of ancient India. The women of the tribe transport water over vast distances in the breathtaking desert while wearing vibrant colors like red, green, and yellow. From the other side, the males wear enormous headbands that are particular to Rajasthan. They can be seen wandering beside these kind creatures or mounting camels in the scorching wilderness. We give you the opportunity to socialize with the welcoming locals. Play a cricket match without hesitation. The atmosphere is tranquil and utterly removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You also go to the nearby Hindu temple to unwind spiritually.

You can now have your first look at the renowned Rajasthani structure after that. We have lunch at Samode Palace. The palace is more than 400 years old and is situated in the rugged Aravalli hills. Your heart will be taken away by the exquisite interior sculptures, the magnificently decorated ceilings, and the stained-glass panes. You can actually feel the grandeur that once resided in this unremarkable community. The Samode Palace is still in use as a luxury heritage hotel and is in excellent condition. In the general dining room or the Diwan-i-Aam of the Samode Palace, you eat like the old royals did.

We then proceed in the direction of Jaipur. We relax into our accommodation when we get to the Pink City and unwind the remainder of the day.

A day spent exploring. One among India’s most beautiful and vibrant destinations is Jaipur, sometimes known as the “Pink City.” In 1727, Rajah Jai Singh made the decision to give up his adjacent stronghold and fortress at Amber in favor of planning a city with wide avenues that would eventually be constructed out of sandstone and painted pink. The City Palace, which was once the Maharaja’s house and is now a beautiful museum with priceless writings, artworks, regal attire, and armaments, is located in the heart of Jaipur. The solar observatory of Jai Singh, one among India’s most fascinating attractions, is located close to the castle. This is a collection of enormous brass and marble astronomical instruments that are placed in a lovely landscape.

The Hawa Mahal, commonly known as the Palace of the Winds, is another noteworthy site in Jaipur. The magnificent Amber Palace towers over a lake a few miles from the main city. Enormous courtyards, exquisitely decorated chambers, inlaid alabaster panels, and a Room of Mirrors may be found inside the magnificent hilltop fort. It will be challenging to leave a workshop without purchasing anything because Jaipur is a center for several handicrafts, including durries (woven rugs), mats, embroidered cloth, precious gemstones, leatherwear, etc

After breakfast we take to the road, traveling to Mandawa in the center of Shekhawati, a semi-desert region. In comparison to many other Indian towns and cities, Mandawa is a mere teenager in age. Dating from the 1700’s it was the seat of extremely affluent merchant families that chose to exhibit their wealth and opulence in a very particular way. They constructed residences called havelis, which they decorated with extravagance and opulence. Many rich families moved back to the region from big cities like Delhi, and the competition for the most splendid, excessively decorated haveli was fierce. Each one simply had to outdo its neighbor. Today these monuments to wealth offer anyone interested in architecture another option and fresh respite from all the opulent palaces and mighty forts in Rajasthan.

After check-in and lunch, we start our fascinating tour of Mandawa, often referred to as the ‘Art Gallery under Open Skies’, a description that does the town proud. Beautiful mansions, some sadly deserted, but others in perfect condition, litter the cityscape. Exquisite frescoes paint an interesting historical picture of the religious and everyday life of its former owners and the inhabitants of the town. The elaborate frescoes and décor also portray the evolution of the townspeople’s interests. Older murals portraying people and stories from ancient Indian legends were gradually replaced with images depicting the influences of British occupation and more modern day items like cars, trains, hot air balloons, telephones, even gramophones. These days one often sees portraits in the European style and scenes of English hunting expeditions. Mandawa’s old center introduces the visitor to the authentic local lifestyle, and walking through the streets one cannot help but soak up the true rural feeling of the old town.

Most of Shekhawati’s havelis have been converted into comfortable hotels. The royal family of Mandawa changed their former residence into Castle Mandawa, a hotel with all the modern facilities. It is an interesting mixture of antiques and wonderful pieces of art fused with modern day luxuries and comfort, like a restaurant providing the finest cuisine, a pool, etc. The sparkle of large chandeliers is reflected on centuries-old furniture, and the walls are covered with ancient paintings and murals, while family portraits, antique cannons and other weaponry add historical depth and authenticity to this wonderful family-run hotel. Here modern luxuries merge effectively with the balconies and steeples of medieval towers.

Castle Mandawa is our accommodation for the night.

The unblemished beauty of Desert Thar will blow your mind away. Here you will find rural India in its most unadulterated form. Khimsar Fort, dating back to the 1500’s rises like a beautiful oasis from the desert sands, its ramparts, turrets, towers and domes reaching up into the sky, its rugged walls telling tales of fierce battles. After 21 generations in the very same family, it has now been converted into an impressive heritage hotel. On the way to Fort Khimsar the visitor is confronted other-worldly scenes of sand dunes dotted with large herds of sheep and ox carts. Under the shimmering hot sun women in bright colored saris carry water for kilometers to their rural dwellings.

We check into the 4.5 century-old fort with its open spaces and huge cool courtyards surrounded by the comfortable rooms. No wonder the hotel has a feeling of authenticity; the descendants of the ancient rulers of this region still call this abode home. Here everyone lives like royalty, one looks at the surrounding landscape through ornate windows, wander around under towering arches amid elaborate stone carvings.

The hotel retained much of its original structure, including the rooms now occupied by guests, and is decorated with century-old furniture. Dinner is served in the tower, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, modernity adds comfort with amenities like the swimming pool, health club, tennis court, steam bath and sauna. A second restaurant offers various cuisines and there is a bar for a refreshing late afternoon drink. If vintage cars are your passion, make your way to the garage to admire the collection of royal vehicles.

You can spend the afternoon at your leisure. We can offer you a Jeep safari to view and photograph some of the local antelope, such as black buck or spotted deer. This trip includes a visit to a colorful little village in the vicinity. Or else you may want to explore the seemingly endless desert landscape from a camel’s back. The best time is during the early evening hours when the sun has lost its sting, and you can watch the setting sun paint the dunes in shades of red and crimson. Watch the long shadows of women in colorful saris in the distance grow ever longer while the sky darkens.

If you are in a more relaxed mood, the hotel has lots to offer the sightseer. Wander through the magnificent architectural structures and feast your eyes on pristine green gardens where peacocks strut and display their feather crowns. Then slowly sip a cup of local tea on the veranda and try to imagine what life was like in the fort 500 years ago.

Late evening invites you to a Rajasthani traditional puppet show accompanied by the Kalbelia Troupe’s equally traditional lively music. This event is arranged at the hotel’s discretion. Then off to bed like the kings of old in the Khimsar Fort Heritage Hotel.

Our journey to Jodhpur takes us through beautiful countryside landscapes with splashes of color when we pass women dressed in their colorful saris, anklets and bracelets adorning their ankles and arms. Talking about fashion; those tight-fitting trousers reaching down to the ankle which people call Jodhpurs got their name from the city’s famous horsemen.

After check-in and a leisurely lunch, we are off on a guided tour through the aptly named Blue City, as Jodhpur is often referred to. Descendants of the city’s maharaja still run the city.

The city is presided over by the impressive Mehrangarh Fort sitting atop a hill. A winding road leads us to the formidable walls and one cannot help but admire the exceptional skill and brilliance of its constructors. Within the walls are several palaces with intricate carvings and connecting courtyards typical of Rajput buildings. The fort has seven gates of which the Iron Gate or Loha Pol attracts the most attention. Here the visitor can see red dusted sati marks, or small handprints of Maharaja Man Singh’s widows who all threw themselves onto his funeral pyre during his cremation in 1843. Museums exhibiting well-preserved collections of antique musical instruments, furniture and royal palanquins have been established in a few of the buildings inside the ramparts while the old cannons can still be seen on the fort walls.

We proceed to the left of the complex to view the Jaswant Thada a marvel in marble erected in 1899 by Maharaja Sardar Singh in memory of his father, Maharaja Jaswant Singh the second.

Afterwards we make our descent down the hill to the Old Town for a guided walk. The first thing the visitor notices is that most homes are painted a beautiful blue color. Although pleasing to the eye, there are more practical reasons why this color was used. Firstly, it helps to deflect some of the hot desert sun, and secondly it keeps mosquitos at bay. No wonder it is called ‘The Blue City’.

After sunset, when the cool of evening has set in, we pay a visit to the Sadar Bazaar, one of the most ancient markets in India. The bazaar spreads itself out around the old clock tower, and here one can find almost anything under the sun, from vegetables, spices and juices to sari fabric, jewelry and Bollywood soundtracks. We return to our hotel for our overnight stay in Jodhpur.

After a relaxed breakfast we start our journey to Udaipur, renowned for its scenic lakes and beautiful palaces.

On the way, we stop not too far from our destination to view the impressive Jain Temples in Ranakpur. The main temple is a grand three-storied white marble structure with an interior reminiscent of Mount Abu’s Dilwara Temples. The façade shows off the highly complicated architecture of the building. Constructed during the 1400’s the interior carvings are truly magnificent, and depict ancient household scenes, Jain tirthankaras or spiritual leaders, and much more.

The temple is most famous for its beautiful carved idol of Parshvanatha carved from of a single marble slab. The idol has 1008 snake heads and numerous tails. The structure is supported by 1444 intricately hand-carved pillars to fortify the 29 halls. Amazingly, each of the pillars is unique in theme and design, enough to astound everyone who looks upon them.

On arrival in Udaipur, we check into our luxury hotel overlooking Lake Pichola and the remainder of the day is yours to enjoy. The surroundings make for a pleasant stroll or you can treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment.

At sunset, a visit to Sajjangarh Palace, a palatial hilltop residence on Aravalli outside Udaipur.  From the top one has a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, as well as the city with its palaces and two lakes. Also called Monsoon Palace, it was constructed in 1884 by Maharana Sajjan Singh who planned to make it a five-story astronomical center. His premature death prevented its completion and the palace was turned into a hunting lodge and monsoon residence by the Mewar royal family. At night the golden lights of this impressive marble structure is beautifully reflected in the waters of Lake Pichola, 335m/1100ft below. It’s claim to fame is that it featured as the  residence of Kamal Khan, an exiled Afghan prince in Octopussy, the 1983 James Bond movie.

We spend the night in Udaipur.

Our first port of call is the flamboyant Udaipur’s City Palace, one of the largest in Rajasthan. Built over a period of four centuries, its construction was initiated in 1553 by the Maharana Udai Singh the Second, and was continued as maharana replaced maharana through the years. Sitting on a ridge nestling the banks of Lake Pichola, today the complex consists of eleven palaces all interlinked with numerous walkways. The museum located behind the impressive façade exhibits collections of paintings, inlay glass, miniatures, ceramics, antiques and enamel works. The view of Lake Pichola is spectacular through the ancient windows. A second part of the complex still serves as home to the royal Mewar family while the rest has been turned into exquisite traditional hotels.

We proceed to the famous Hindu Jagdish Temple situated next to the City Palace and one of the city’s major monuments. Worshippers have flocked here continuously since 1651. This is followed by a guided tour, on foot, of the old city. Udaipur is known all over the world for its fabulous miniature paintings, and these, together with lots of other crafts like hand-woven textiles can be found in the many quaint little shops in this area.

To rest our wary feet and leave the hustle and bustle behind, a boat cruise at sunset on Lake Pichola is the answer. The setting sun transforms this beautiful lake into an even more impressive sight. Relax, watch the mountains change color and see the beautiful white and black birds dive into the lake water for their evening meal of fresh fish. Peace and calm descend while ducks glide past. The boat takes us past the Oberoi Udai Vilas and Taj Lake Palace, two of the famous hotels on the lake. On the shores people perform their chores while others bathe at the ghats. The cruise ends with a revitalizing drink on the island of Jag Mandir.

A highlight not to be missed is the Dharohar Dance Show. This extravagance takes place at eight o’clock every evening at the waterfront palace of Bagore-ki-Haveli and is a unique cultural experience. Women in bright colored traditional dress perform the most unbelievable energetic dances possible. And to top it all, they do this while balancing up to eight clay pots filled with water on their proud heads. Not a drop of water is spilled during the dance, an amazing feat.

We spend the night in Udaipur. 

After a sumptuous breakfast we take to the road. The drive to Chittorgarh Fort is a mere 100km/62 miles. The fort sprawls over a hill and is amongst the biggest in the country. It was the seat of numerous Mewar rulers and the vast complex consists of many impressive structures, including the Samadhisvar Temple, Padmini and Ratan Singh Palaces and the Vijay and Kirti Stambhas. It covers such a large area that visitors often have to make use of a tuk-tuk or car in order to view it all.

Another 170km/106 miles and we arrive in Bundi. The rest of the day is free to spend as you wish. Adventurous visitors may want to explore the small town on foot, visiting some of the local cafes.

Rajasthan is a very popular tourist destination and to find a less crowded region is difficult. However, Bundi is one of those pockets of tranquility without hordes of visitors. Bundi is a real gem with lots of jewels to discover. There are sturdy fords, ancient stepwells, bright colored houses and bustling bazaars. Stroll through narrow side streets and stop at a small café for a refreshing drink. Having drunk in the atmosphere of the place, head for the town’s top attraction, Garh Palace, dating back to the beginning of the 17th century. Numerous tiny palaces encircle a larger central residence. Exquisite murals can be seen everywhere, including in the Badal Mahal and Chitrasala, and give a rare glimpse into life during ancient times. The palace became famous in the writings of Rudyard Kipling. If you crave more history, there are sites aplenty. Gigantic Taragarh Fort dates from the 1300’s, and has huge reservoirs in its ramparts carved out of the solid rock. Sukh Mahal on the lake once housed the famous writer Rudyard Kipling, and the three-story deep Queen’s Stepwell of Raniji ki Baori was named after the queen who built it in 1699. Bundi is a treasure chest of marvels, ready to be explored by the adventurous soul and interested historian alike.

Leaving Bundi, we board an Indian Railroad late-afternoon, six-hour air-conditioned train for New Delhi, where we mingle with the natives and take in the sights of the landscape.

Arrival in Delhi at 22:30 hours and transfer to hotel for overnight stay.

Ranthambhore National Park Extension

Why wouldn’t add two extra nights to your journey to Ranthambore National Park to seek for the magnificent Bengal tiger? Ranthambore National Park, one of India’s best places to see tigers, is also habitat to leopard, wild dogs, deer, and a vast array of bird species. The park provides a pleasant complement to any India journey and is just two hours thirty minutes from the settlement of Bundi.

Jeep safaris – Hunt for the Bengal tiger and other species, such as sloth bears, wild boars, striped hyenas, and marsh crocodiles, on three included nature excursions through the reserve.

Today you have the option to make a day excursion to the famous Taj Mahal (3 hours’ drive from New Delhi). Even a hundred pictures of the Taj Mahal cannot do justice to its exquisite beauty. Seeing it in person on a guided tour will leave an indelible mark on your memory.

You will leave at 8 am and will be back in New Delhi by 5 or 6 pm.

Finally, transfer to Delhi airport for your flight back to your home country.

India your way, your route, your style

• Price based on two persons in a double room
• Prices are in USD Excluding international flights
• Do you prefer to travel alone or would you like to come to India with a group of friends? We will be happy to tailor-made your tour program that meets all your wishes and needs

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Our itineraries are only examples and suggestions and can be customized individually. For example, a trip can be shortened or extended with additional destinations or monuments, the hotels can be a mix of 4 and 5 star etc. Let us know your personal wishes so that we can adapt the trip to your wishes. Connect with our travel expert for a 1:1 consultation and receive your obligation free travel proposal. Together with the travel request we will send you the hotel list so that you can get a picture of the hotels selected on the internet. We promise ✔Competent and Friendly Guides ✔Expert Drivers ✔Best Hotels ✔24/7 Support. Read more on Why Vacation India?

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Included in the price

  • 10 Days tour New Delhi to New Delhi
  • 9 nights accommodation in mentioned hotels or similar with daily breakfast.
  • Surface Travel by exclusive air-conditioned Toyota Crysta Innova Car
  • All transfers & sightseeing as per the itinerary by air-conditioned Innova Car
  • Private Airport Transfers
  • Guided Walk or Rikshaw Ride in Old Delhi through Old Delhi-Jama Masjid, Gurduwara (Sikh Temple), Chandni Chowk Bazaar
  • Guided walk or Rikshaw Ride in Jaipur through Bazaars of old pink city
  • Elephant ride (alternatively by jeeps) to ascend Amber Fort in Jaipur
  • Sunset Boat Cruise on Lake Pichola, Udaipur
  • Camel Ride in Sand Dunes in Khimsar
  • Two-Tier Air-conditioned Train from Bundi to New Delhi
  • Assistance at Railway Stations
  • Entrance fee to all monuments as per the program
  • Mineral water (1 litre) per person per day during roundtrip
  • An excellent English-speaking local guide shall be provided for the sightseeing tours
  • Representative for assistance on all arrival and departure transfers
  • All applicable taxes and service charges
  • All taxes, driver allowances, parking, fuel charges, interstate taxes, tolls etc

Not included in the price

  • International Flight
  • Domestic Flights
  • Option Extension tour to Ranthambore National Park
  • Lunch in Samode Palace
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Visa & Insurance
  • Expense of personal nature like tipping, laundry, telephone/fax calls, alcoholic beverages, camera/video camera fee at monuments, medical expenses, etc.

Incredible impressions

Rated 5 out of 5

**This review was written in German and has been translated using Google Translator

“We went on an individual trip to North India in the spring of 2022 and our high expectations were even exceeded. Vikas and his team were very attentive and always willing to fulfill our extra requests to make it an unforgettable experience. Everything was put together top notch, we always had a comfortable and clean car and precise organization. Vikas even helped us get our visa for India and filled out all the necessary online paperwork for us that was required by each country due to the pandemic. The accommodations were great and it was always possible to change plans if we decided to cancel a day trip for a relaxing spa day. Highly recommended! We will be back!”

Avatar for Max Reger, germany
Max Reger, germany

Fantastic India trip & beach holiday

Rated 5 out of 5

At this point I would like to thank Vikas from VacationIndia.com. Already the preparation and planning of the trip was very professional and with many tips on how our trip could be even more beautiful.

And we couldn’t complain on the spot either. All of the hotels that were recommended to us met or even exceeded our expectations! Madan, our driver, brought us reliably and safely from one city to the next, always responding to our wishes and drawing our attention to things – we felt very comfortable with him and would like to thank him again.

In each city we met a tour guide who enriched our program with their knowledge (German and English), so the days “fly by” and we were able to take many impressions and photos with us. It was also great that spontaneous requests were always accommodated during the tours/guided tours.

All in all, we were more than satisfied with our round trip and can only recommend Vikas and his team!

The end in Goa (transfer, hotel) also went smoothly and provided us with beautiful days on the beach, where we could dream of our great trip.

If you want to book an individual round trip, you are in good hands here!

Avatar for Daniela Brown, Nürnberg, Germany
Daniela Brown, Nürnberg, Germany

Fascinating journey

Rated 5 out of 5

**This review was written in German and has been translated using Google Translator

We had deliberately booked our trip with Vacation India, as this organizer is directly on site. To sum it up, everything went perfectly!! Communication with Vikas was excellent right from the start, always friendly and helpful. Vacation India put together several itineraries for us to choose from and always accommodated our requests (e.g. bike tour in Jaipur). The agency was always available during the trip and short-term changes/additions were implemented immediately if possible. The driver, Mandan, was absolutely helpful, professional and confident. The almost new vehicle was very comfortable and also very suitable for long journeys. The guides on site made a very good impression and were mostly German-speaking (although we speak English well). After this fascinating experience we would book with Vacation India again immediately…because everything fits! Best regards to Vikas and Mandan… Petra and Michael

Avatar for Petra und Michael Störmer, Minden, Germany
Petra und Michael Störmer, Minden, Germany

Through India with the Family

Rated 5 out of 5

After two trips to India we decided to take our children and for that we contacted Laura and Vikas who helped us organize the trip through North India and Sikkim. The experience was excellent and unique. In each place a car with its driver and guide was waiting for us. Everyone was very kind, friendly, and responsive to every one of our requests. The selected hotels were very good. It was a wonderful trip where we felt accompanied and safe at all times. Thanks.

Avatar for Sunchales, Argentina
Sunchales, Argentina

An unforgettable experience

Rated 5 out of 5

**This review was written in Spanish and has been translated using using Google Translator

Hello. Generally I do not usually comment on this type of site, but the occasion deserves it. Some time ago we wanted to change the scene and live another type of very different experiences and different from the normal activity and culture in which we are normally immersed.

Until now, I had always organized our trips on our own. On this occasion we turn to the people of VacationIndia. And it has been a great success.

From the beginning Laura was completely cooperative and with great patience and interest despite our changes in days, available time and budget. She always brought something positive. Already at destination, I have nothing but words of gratitude to the entire team of Vacation India. From Vikas, with her calls and messages taking an interest in every detail; Laura, as always. And what about our driver, Sovram, a really great guy, special. The guides, collaborators, protectors, counselors, were the “envy” of the groups or people with whom we came across: their good vibes, knowledge of the terrain and orientation about activities and adapting to us, are an example of how to do things well . Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and the spaces between them, remain forever with a pleasant memory in our memory. People, aromas, feelings…

In such a short space of time, barely scratching the surface of feeling and living in that great space that is India, there is only one wish left: to return as soon as possible. To do this, do not hesitate, we count on you, with your experience and guidance. Heartfelt thanks, Laura, Vikas, Sovram, “Manu” (your overwhelming presence in “the Pink City” does not go unnoticed), “Carlos”. See you soon….

Avatar for Daniela Furlan and Jose Garcia, Benidorm, Spain
Daniela Furlan and Jose Garcia, Benidorm, Spain

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