Samode Day Excursions: Samode Village Walk, Palace Hotel Tour, and Samode Bagh

By Vacation India
Samode farmer uses a camel to pull his load of milk. © Salvador Aznar / Shutterstock

An early morning start at 8:00 will give you plenty of time to explore the next location after a 4 hour drive there. Samode Village awaits with the comfort of the Heritage Samode Palace Hotel. Its grandeur creates a unique mix of ambience with the country lifestyle of Samode Village.
3 samode Palace

Samode Palace arched gateway. © Lozano Alcobendas / Shutterstock

The last 25-minute stretch of driving brings the group to Samode Village, a small yet vibrant location away from the bustle of the urban life. On the far side of town, the road passes under an arched stone gateway, and we proceed to the picturesque Samode Palace Hotel. The avenue becomes even more lovely with stone arches and the graceful branches of towering trees. When you first spot the Samode Palace towering out of the well-maintained gardens, you will have to catch your breath. Its warm yellow walls, fanciful archways, and impressive front steps truly give you the feeling of walking back through time to when royalty stayed here.
16 garden

Front gardens and entryway of Samode Palace Hotel in Jaipur. © Salvador Aznar / Shutterstock

Built in the 1500s, this palace has housed many important people and casual visitors alike. The same family who once sat as princes here still own the hotel, and strive to treat everyone as a treasured guest. The royalty here once rules 45 villages in the region. We stay in this Rajashthani palace for one night.
samode Palace rooms

Samode Palace rooms decorated with intricate artwork and historical furniture. ©Salvador Aznar / Shutterstock

many arches and domes.

Historical section of the Palace with many arches and domes. © RudiErnst / Shutterstock

You are welcomed to the Samode Palace by attentive staff who takes your bag to an expansive suite. Despite the quaint village nearby, you will not sleep in rustic surroundings here. Instead, you get a large room, Jacuzzi tub, four-post bed, and can even stroll out on the balcony to take in the sights from above. A peek at the menu will make your mouth water to sample the delicious meals later on.
samode Palace

Stairs to the front door of the Samode Palace © Romina Lopez / Shutterstock

An enjoyable lunch in the restaurant will give you energy for the rest of the afternoon’s adventure. A tour through Samode Village gives you a closer look than you got on the way to the Palace, and the knowlegable guide tells you all the unique details about village life. Samode Village seems like a microcosm of India at large, with a variety of people to greet and chat with, various markets, artisans, and workmen going about their daily lives, and a more relaxed way of life. There is no need to dodge zipping tuk-tuks or rickshaws winding through crowds here.Families work together here on a range of tasks such as jewelry-making, blacksmithing, and making wooden furniture. Take time to share a cup of tea with a local, buy some sweets while you wander through the shops, and ask questions about the unique arts and crafts the people here engage in.

man cooks milk sweets

A Samode Village man cooks milk sweets in the open air. © Salvador Aznar / Shutterstock

1 a Samode Village man

A Samode Village man relaxes atop a wall. © Kalcutta / Shutterstock

goats, pigs, and busy villagers

Goats, pigs, and busy villagers go about their everday lives in Samode. © Kalcutta / Shutterstock

At the end of the warm afternoon jaunt through town, it feels wonderful to return to the shady gardens around the Palace Hotel and maybe take a dip in the pool. A walk inside the Palace itself is a step back in history. At every turn and in every public room, courtyard, and balcony, you will see artistic painting from long ago, carved stone, and fabrics that shimmer brightly in a multitude of colors. Durbar Hall is especially eye-catching with its unique paintwork. Another room to stop is the Sheesh Mahal, or Mirror Palace

Laq, a kind of tree sap, is fashioned into colorful bangle bracelets and other jewelry in Samode. © Kalcutta / Shutterstock

laq bangles

The laq bangles are shaped carefully over hot coals. © Kalcutta / Shutterstock

2 a wooden door in samode Village

A wooden door in Samode Village, Rajasthan with sacred cows resting nearby. © Guillermo Garcia / Shutterstock

village ceremony,

At a Samode Village ceremony, a young girl and boy dress up in traditional rajasthani clothing. © Caron Badkin / Shutterstock

After a delicious dinner and restful night at the Samode Palace, gather together to take a trip to the Samode Bagh, which is a large farm or garden property nearby. This place offers beautiful sights and restful vistas wherever your eyes can see. Flowers and foliage plants create a glorious backdrop for pavilions, pathways, benches, and fountains playing merrily in the afternoon sun. Many photo opportunities present themselves to you as you explore every corner of the gardens or just sit a while on a comfortable bench to enjoy the breeze, fountain waters, and birds flitting overhead.
4 jeep drivers

Jeep drivers can take you on a safari tour of the countryside. Camel and horse rides are also available. © Salvador Aznar / Shutterstock

samode Palace Hotel

The Samode Bagh, the sister property of Samode Palace Hotel, presents a beautiful, welcoming feeling. © Salvador Aznar / Shutterstock

gardens of the Samode Bagh

Consider a cup of tea amid the gorgeous gardens of the Samode Bagh. © Salvador Aznar / Shutterstock

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