The farm accommodation in Pollachi offers you the following optional tours

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Workers make organic palm jiggery, a type of dark sugar, is one of Pollachi's main industries.

Palm Jaggery Tour – Learn How Locals Create Organic Jaggery, a Type of Palm Sugar

One interesting industry that many people in Pollachi are involved with is the palm jaggery process. Jaggery is a type of dark palm sugar that is not made in very many places on earth anymore. You get to experience a detailed tour that will explain every step of the organic jaggery making process. This includes accessing the specific Palmyra palm trees all the way down to pouring the syrup into old wooden molds. Their traditional techniques show so much about the village’s history and traditions

handcrafted decorations Pollachi.

A man displays his handcrafted decorations for sale in the town of Pollachi.

Experience the Temple of Consciousness Relaxation With Yoga and Ayurveda Practices

In the midst of all the trekking, safaris, and explorations of new places, peoples, and crafts, you might yearn for some ultimate relaxation. A short 28 kilometers away lies the Temple of Consciousness, which is a yoga center-based on the great Yogic Vethathirir Maharishi, founder of over 300 such places around the world. This is the original. It lies near the Aliyar reservoir at the foot of the Annamalai mountain range, and touches the Tiger Reserve on one side.

The location seems to be one with nature on all sides and fosters a true sense of peace and harmony with nature and all things pure and beautiful. These days, simplified kundalini yoga (SKY) is practiced here. You can also visit the museum, the tomb of the original Maharishi, a library, meditation hall, and a bookstore. Explore, take a class, and rejuvenate for the next part of your adventure in southern India

One of the most popular crops in Pollachi is cotton

Learn about Organic Cotton from Farm to Product With the Handloom Tour

Another educational tour opportunity focuses on the growing and weaving of cotton. You get a look into the agricultural side of things and how the artisans transform plain white cotton into traditional Indian sarees by adding colored dye and other decorations. It almost seems like magic that such a prickly plant can turn into something so beautiful with a simple handloom. While you stay in Pollachi, you will have ample opportunity to visit not only this farm and workshop but also the wholesale saree store nearby.

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Anamalai Tiger Reserve is named for the Annamalai River, which runs through the entire property. Naming reserves and wildlife areas after rivers is a common idea in India. © DINESH KUMAR MOHAN / Shutterstock

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