Tale 5: Farewell from Delhi – By Nick Goslett

By Nick Goslett
The Beatles Ashram with me
The Beatles Ashram with me

After a good night’s sleep I was once again at the temple complex but this time early enough to be seated on the first floor of the Golden Temple awaiting the morning prayers.Not being good at sitting cross-legged for any time except when propped up, I ended up not facing the clerics, the Holy Book and the Relics.A very kind young man pointed out the errors of my ways and gave up his wall for me.They are all so courteous and helpful.Once more, superb playing and singing from the temple group.Rapt looks on most of the faces as words were read from the Holy Book.

I visited the Partition Museum, really well laid out with excellent displays in English and Hindi.What a tragedy that religion resulted in some 15 million refugees, 1 million deaths and misery for so many.

I stayed overnight in the Holiday Inn Express at Delhi Airport, somewhat akin to getting into a Government secret bunker and only being allowed out under military escort.Rather good dinner (the soup description ended with cappuccino but there was no monk’s topper to it) but it was voting day in Delhi so the city was dry.

Now for the flight home.

Bye for this year.

Much love


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