Parambikulam Tiger Reserve Trek, Bamboo Raft Adventures, and Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary Safari

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Asian Elephant at parambikulam tiger reserve
Asian Elephant at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve © GKNAIR / Shutterstock

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve Trek

Full Day Trip: 2.5 hour hike, 30 minutes rafting trip, 3 hours safari
Top Reasons to Choose the All-Day Nature Adventure Tour
More Information About the Excursion
What is Included With This Tour Package?


Full Day Trip: 2.5 hour hike, 30 minutes rafting trip, 3 hours safari

Distance: 6 kilometer hike | Difficulty: Beginners




Located in the western Ghat Mountains, in a UNESCO declared Biosphere area, lies the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary. This is in the south-east section of Palakkad District. The Anamalai Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu lies adjacent to this property.

Features of the natural Parambikulam Sanctuary include managed trails suitable for hiking and trekking at many ability levels. You can even climb the Karimala Gopuram, 4781 feet high, or Vengoli Peak, 3675 feet high.

Little Egret Parambikulam Lake

A fishing Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) waits patiently on a bamboo boat in a Parambikulam Lake or Reservoir © Asok Mathew / Shutterstock


Top Reasons to Choose the All-Day Nature Adventure Tour

↳ An inclusive on-day package tour includes all the best of the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
↳ Experience invigorating hikes and a safari expedition through natural beauty in the Parambikulam and Anapaddy forests.
↳ Enjoy a unique trip to see numerous bird varieties on an authentic bamboo raft.
↳ All of this comes with a knowledgeable guide and delicious meals.

the tree lights Parambikulam park

Early sunbeams through the trees lights the morning mists in the tropical forest of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve © Amirul Malik/ Shutterstock


More Information About the Excursion

Do you yearn to get out into nature and experience new sights and sounds on an adventure holiday? Just imagine looking at new vistas, exploring new locations, and seeing new flora and fauna in an exotic location. There is no need to spend weeks or months traveling to remote locations to get all these benefits and more. For you, the one-day package deal in Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect solution.

In just one day, you can experience a thrilling adventure in the wilderness of rural India. You can trek through the untouched forests, go birdwatching by the river, take a jungle safari to see unique wildlife, and journey down the waterways on a real bamboo raft. Escape from your boring, ordinary city or suburban life! Now you can visit pristine forests of Palakkad and the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary in Adapaddy.

A pleasant 45-minute drive from your Pollachi Resort brings you to the spot where all of this adventure begins. The Anapaddy Forest entry checkpoint introduces you to the location of your special day in the wilds. Take a short break, grab a drink, and chat with new friends before setting off into the green forests.

Your local guide will know the best trails to pick in either the Parambikulam or Anapaddy forests. This changes based on the time of year and weather patterns, and is designed to improve your chances of seeing the most wildlife. With the guidance of an experienced leader, you will have the best possible trek that is both safe and rewarding.

The day’s hike lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours, which gives you plenty of time to spot exotic birds and animals and take pictures of all the beautiful scenery around you. The guide is always ready to point out interesting things or birds hidden in the branches of the tall trees.

wild peacock Parambikkulam Tiger Reserve

A wild peacock shows off its beauty perched on a branch in the Parambikkulam Tiger Reserve in Palakkad,Kerala, India

After the exciting trek is complete, it is time for relaxation with a buffet lunch and then adventure on the river with a bamboo rafting excursion. This trip lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes plenty of time to view the scenery, marvel at water birds, and also get some excitement in your day to rev up your energy levels for everything there is to come.

Finally, you board the vehicles for a three-hour long safari adventure. The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary showcases some of the most amazing exotic animals in the region and, if you are lucky, you will get to see them all. Just imagine seeing Bengal tigers and Indian leopards stalking their prey or relaxing in the shade. View wild boars, pretty Sambar deer, and wild goats browsing in the foliage. Do not forget to look up to spot lion-tailed macaque monkeys in the trees. With a keen eye, you may even spy cobras or vipers, Indian elephants, sloth bears, and guar bison.

Be quick with your camera and listen to your guide to get the best chance at animal memories during your safari. Along the way, enjoy water, tea, and snacks to keep your energy up. At last, the vehicles will turn toward the sanctuary’s exit and it will be time to end your adventure in Parambikulam. You will return to your resort with entrancing memories and plenty of stories and pictures to share.

finishing bird Parambikkulam Tiger Reserve

Perfect reflection of a fishing bird on a lake at Parambikulam Reservoir © jacques73 / Shutterstock



1 – Begin the adventure early in the morning at 8:30 AM if you start at Pollachi, or 5:00 AM if you start at Coimbatore. You will arrive at the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary by 9:30 AM.

Giant Squirrel Parambikulam park

Malabar Giant Squirrel (Ratufa indica) peeks through the leaves of a tree in Parambikulam, Kerala, India. These are some of the biggest squirrels on Earth. © Asok Mathew / Shutterstock

2 – The hike starts at 9:30 AM from the entrance checkpoint. The Parakmbikulam sanctuary has earned a UNESCO World Heritage designation. The forest remains largely undisturbed by humans, though you will follow good trails and be led by a skilled and knowledgeable guide.

Along the way, you should spy exotic and often endangered animals. The guar or Indian bison lives here in the greatest concentration on Earth. Other possible sightings include elephants, sloth bear, and unique avian residents like the Sri Lankan frogmouth and Great Indian Hornbill crane.

The trail starts through Anapaddy forest, which is a unique mixture of deciduous, evergreen, and tropical. It then continues past Rock Point, then Kariyanshola, a jungle stream, an interesting teak wood plantation, and then back to the start again in a 6 kilometer loop.

Be at the check-point, take some time to buy a souvenir hat or postcard or fresh local honey to enjoy with your tea later. A Naturalist gives a short presentation and video show about the ecology of the Tiger preserve and surrounding area.

You continue the walk down a paved road before turning back into the forest for more sight-seeing. After a short climb up a gentle slope, you spy a beautiful vista of mountain meadows, high peaks, and forests spread out before you. The trail turns back into the dry-deciduous forest before slowly transforming into a tropical evergreen forest. You get to experience the unique flora and fauna in both ecosystems. The former teams with birdlife and animals while the latter attracts reptiles, frogs aplenty, and the unique vine trees called Lianas.

At last, you come to a small river cutting through the forest. This is a perfect spot to refresh yourself, take a short break, and capture the scenery with your camera.

Gaur Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

A massive Gaur (Indian Bison) grazes on the grass at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve Kerala India © ShaluSingh / Shutterstock

3 – The final leg of the trek leads you back to the start of your hike by around 1:00 PM. A buffet style lunch is served, and you can eat and chat with your fellow tour-goers about what they saw and experienced on the trail.
A heard of spotted deer in the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

A heard of spotted deer wander across the hiking path in the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve © smart clicks / Shutterstock

4 – A short trip away lies the Parambikulan Reservoir. Here you will enjoy skimming across the surface of the water on bamboo rafts. Keep your eyes on the shoreline to spot elephants coming down to cool off, spotted deer grazing in the nearby grass, and crocodiles soaking in the warmth of the afternoon sun. The bird life here is spectacular with fishing terns, cormorants, and pratincoles among others.

5 – As if your day has not already been too full of adventure, it is time to join up with a wildlife safari in the Sungam forest track. This stretch of jungle is only about 6.8 kilometers long and includes the famous Kannimara Teak. This towering tree is famous for being one of the oldest and largest teak trees anywhere on Earth. It has lived for over 450 years, reaches a height of 48.5 meters, and has a 6.5 meter circumference. Get five of your friends together to try to reach round its massive trunk.

A herd of chital in Parambikulam National Park

A herd of chital or spotted deer (Axis deer) graze peacefully in Parambikulam National Park. © Asok Mathew / Shutterstock

6 – As evening falls, the vehicles will pick you up once more and return to Topslip. There, the group can enjoy hot coffee or chai tea before returning to the resort for a relaxing evening.

What is Included With This Tour Package?

↳ Delicious and nutritious breakfast
↳ Buffet-style lunch
↳ Easy hiking on maintained paths
↳ Bamboo rafting trip
↳ Jungle safari adventure
↳ Tea and snack foods along the way
↳ Pick-up, transportation to the site, and drop-off afterwardNot Included in the Package
↳ Dinner or evening meal
↳ Tips or gratuities
↳ Extra services provided to individualsYou Are Responsible For These Things
↳ Bottles of water to drink
↳ Comfortable clothing for the conditions
↳ Sturdy shoes suitable for hiking
↳ Personal property such as cameras, phones, and walletsNecessary Terms and Conditions
↳ Groups must include a minimum of 8 people
↳ Prices and fees are subject to change
↳ Circumstances out of our control may delay or change the itinerary
↳ Guests cover all expenses beyond the included services

Booking fees and costs are non-refundable after confirmation. This applies to any and all situations and sudden changes.

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